May 6-8, 2019
Durham, North Carolina

What are People Saying?

  • As always, I was so impressed with this year’s SCLF, the biggest message that I am walking away with this year is to embrace the digital imperative, build resilience, vitality and Focus; focus all resources on business disruptions and become a disruptive innovator.

  • Best supply chain event of the year so far – well done.

  • Fantastic event. I had a great time and look forward to next year.

  • We enjoyed the event and thought it was time well spent. Thought the App was great.

  • Great content.

  • The mobile App made the conference experience richer and the networking more efficient.

  • This was a great Forum. The meeting location was particularly nice.

Annual Tompkins Supply Chain Leadership Forum

A supply chain forum for executives.

Conference Starts in:


Every year the Supply Chain Leadership Forum starts with an opening reception, where you will be given the opportunity to connect with all attendees. You will also have the chance to connect on the golf course, at a tour of Peter Millar’s distribution center, while enjoying a demo given by Siemens, and as you are being entertained by NFL Referee, Walt Coleman.


Quality content and speakers make the difference at an executive forum. The Supply Chain Leadership Forum provides both, with relevant supply chain hot topics, enabling all attendees to share ideas and best practices on the newest supply chain technology, transportation methods, material handling options, supply chain execution, fulfillment strategies, and network optimization. This happens through, interactive sessions, Q&A, and presentations.


Learn from Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International.  Jim kicks off the Supply Chain Leadership Forum with a keynote speech that will help grow your supply chain making it more profitable and agile.  Jim has been recognized for his innovation and excellence in supply chain knowledge over the years, most notably receiving the Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to learn from Chris Sultemeier, Walmart, EVP of Logistics (retired) and Tim Lowe, President, Lowes Foods, LLC.


2019 Forum Schedule

Full schedule of keynotes, sessions & workshops

8:00AM - 12:30PM

Golf Tournament

Complimentary 18 Holes Shotgun Start

Continental Breakfast in Carts

Sign up ahead of time to enjoy 18 holes on the beautiful award winning Washinton Duke Inn Golf Course. We will be playing in foursomes with a shotgun start.

12:30PM - 2:00PM

Lunch Buffet

1:30PM - 6:00PM

Forum Registration

2:15PM - 4:30PM

Live Demonstration | Siemens / AUTOParkit

Join the team from Siemens to see a live demonstration of original equipment manufacturer digitalization tools, including a multi carrier system with fine motion control and delta pickers, along with digital twin and virtual commissioning on individual screens.

2:15PM - 4:00PM

Tour of Peter Millar Facility

Pre-Register to attend an exclusive tour of Peter Millar's newest Fulfillment Center. Some of the equipment that will been seen on the tour includes multi-level pick module, garment on hanger, high density deck rack storage, drive roller, narrow belt sorters, scanners, work platforms, and spiral chutes.


Opening Reception on the Terrace

Join us for a casual night on the President’s Terrace to get acquainted and re-acquainted with supply chain executives from around the country, as we enjoy cuisine and drinks native to North Carolina.  Jim Tompkins will be welcoming you and Gold Awards will be presented.


Adjourn for the Evening


Registration & Breakfast


Welcome & Forum Opening

Jim Tompkins
Dr. James A. Tompkins

CEO, Tompkins International
CEO, MonarchFx

Opening Keynote

Anti-Brittle: Succeeding and Flourishing in these Uncertain Times

The Disruption Cycle, the level of organizational chaos, and the volatility of global economies is forcing organizations to deal with an unprecedented level of uncertainty. Unfortunately, many organizations are not comfortable in dealing with uncertainty and so they continue to develop strategies, structures, and solutions according to a theoretical view of Steady State. The reality is Steady State is an obsolete concept that vanished at the beginning of the digital revolution. The Steady State concept does not work because it is brittle and unable to deal with the shifting sands of uncertainty. Now comes a new way to think about and develop anti-brittle strategies, structures, and solutions that allow organizations to evolve despite the never-ending uncertainties; achieve tremendous success, profitability, and growth while maneuvering through a high level of turbulence.


Break & Refreshments


Concurrent Session 1

Gene Tyndall
Gene Tyndall

President, MonarchFx

Alex Baker
Alex Baker

Vice President & General Manager, MonarchFx

Stephen Timme
Stephen Timme

President & Founder, FinListics Solutions

  • Track A: Reinvention - From the C-Suite to the Consumer:  How to Grow eCommerce Profitably

    All companies today are challenged by reinventing themselves for eCommerce. For many, transformation initiatives have fallen short. For others, they lack a responsive or competitive strategy. This session will be a role play by three executives of a typical company today. It will include audience feedback.

Mike Futch
Mike Futch

President, Tompkins Robotics

Leif Jentoft
Leif Jentoft

RightHand Robotics

  • Track B: Automation - Robotic Capabilities within the Warehouse

    Digital commerce has dramatically challenged supply chains. To address these challenges new solutions, technology, and material handling is needed. This is the beginning of the era of new retail, retail innovation, a new shopping experience, game changing demand driven replenishment, and an each supply chain. This new era will place the customer in charge of the unichannel to enjoy the exploration and experience of shopping, while maximizing convenience, value, and selection. This new era of retail will drive retailers’ and brands’ success and profitability. You must understand how these digital disruptions are affecting companies supply chains and what needs to take place to respond to these disruptions. The new retail model will result in increased profitability for retailers and brands, increased customer satisfaction, and the evolution of a seamless and integrated ecosystem experience regardless of the channel. To achieve these results a total reinvention of your supply chain is required.

Daniel Sears
Daniel Sears

Senior Consultant, Tompkins International

  • Track C: Constraints - Transportation Cost Reduction: Growth and Trade

    In this session we will explore tools and strategies for how to reduce your import expenses. We will then look at how to measure growth and create a transportation strategy.

Tim Lowe
Tim Lowe

President, Lowes Foods LLC


What You Can Learn From Doing A Chicken Dance

Disruption is here and whether you know it or not you are living in a hurricane of chaos. Many believe other companies are disrupting their industry and these new competitors are keeping them from having success. The reality is the consumer is the one causing the disruption and others are doing nothing more than meeting these demands. The problem…most current companies try to chase where their competitors are going versus addressing the unknown, unmet need of the consumer.



Lisa Kennedy
Lisa Kennedy

Project Manager, Tompkins International

Tompkins Spark Talk

Transportation Innovations

Lisa Kennedy will share with you through a 10 minute pre-recorded video the latest in Transportation Innovations.



Dr. James A. Tompkins

Now is your chance to ask questions from Jim Tompkins Opening Keynote speech.


Concurrent Session 2

Kevin Hume
Kevin Hume

Vice President, Tompkins International

  • Track A: Reinvention - The Evolution of the Warehouse Management System Marketplace

    It is easy to see the impact of the internet and the growth of eCommerce within the supply chain. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) market, considered to be a ‘mature’ field; has seen an influx of new providers as well as innovation features and functions with much of it being driven by eCommerce demands. This session will deliver insights into the current and anticipated future directions for WMS providers as well as a discussions around some of the new features, benefits from WMS applications

Craig Henry
Craig Henry

Industry Manager – Material Handling, Siemens Industry, Inc.

  • Autonomous Buildings & Vehicles - Siemens & AUTOParkit

    Automating your supply chain has benefits. However, revolutionizing your supply chain through digitalization is the future. At the supply chain leadership forum, Siemens will demonstrate tools and equipment for designing, simulating, running, and maintaining your logistics systems for modularity, flexibility, and visibility. Major leaps forward in throughput and reduced inventory are available. Hear a testimonial from Shawn Adams from Dasher Lawless on his implementation with digitalization.

Michael Zakkour
Michael Zakkour

Vice President, Tompkins International

  • Track C: Constraints - Digital Transformation and New Retail - Constraints and Solutions

    In this session we will explore how digital transformation and “The New Retail” are affecting how companies make, move and sell products. The opportunities for growth that manufacturers, brands, retailers and supply chain professionals are faced with are so widespread, so varied and are moving so fast, that the challenges and restraints can feel overwhelming. Topics we will cover include: the evolution of eCommerce to Digital Commerce, The New Retail- born in China, going Global, Supply Chain and Logistics are one of the four pillars of New Retail, and case studies on successful digital transformation and new retail business.


Break & Networking

Mudit Rawat
Mudit Rawat

Chief Strategy Officer, NexusFx


How to Start Building Your D2C Channels

As brands continue to face rising pressures from consumer demands, high retailer listing fees, and the threat of private label, more and more CPG brands are looking to explore direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels to directly engage with their end consumers. However, without the right vision and capabilities, building and managing D2C channels can be very complicated and turn into an uphill battle for many brands. The session will look at: Why D2C is an important eCommerce Strategy, examples of D2C Initiatives, a framework to help build and launch your own DTC channels.

John Lowe
John Lowe

Principal, Tompkins International

Tompkins Spark Talk

Successful D2C Strategies for CPG Brands

To follow-up from Mudit Rawat's speech, hear from John Lowe in a pre-recorded video on steps for successful D2C strategies for Consumer Packaged Goods companies.


Day One Wrap Up


Break & Networking


Hors d'oeuvres and Dinner

Evening will start with more sharing and connecting on the President’s Terrace and we will then move inside for a four-course meal in the President’s Ballroom and hear from Walt Coleman.

Walt Coleman
Walt Coleman

NFL Referee

Evening Keynote

Turning Boos into Cheers, Can You Do It?

Everyday we are all bombarded with negative comments, opinions, and news stories. We must enforce rules and regulations, implement change, and do what is right. Make decisions that may not be popular. How well do you deal with the negative? What we do is not popular, but extremely important. Attention to detail, knowledge of our industry, and preparation are all important elements of our responsibility.


Adjourn for the Evening





Highlights from Day One

Ben Patipa, M.D.
Benjamin Patipa, M.D.

Vice President, Healthcare Strategy, MonarchFx

Tompkins Spark Talk

Smarter Healthcare Solutions

Our very own Dr. Ben Patipa will deliver a brief pre-recorded video that will cover the latest trends in the healthcare industry.

Sonja Stetzler
Sonja Stetzler

Founder, Effective Connecting


Creating a Culture of Inclusion - the Key to a Successful Organization’s Future

What will distinguish the most successful organizations from the ones that don’t prosper in the future? It won’t be the pool table in the break room or the free food. Quite simply, it will be the quality of conversations that enable employees to feel included, engaged and imbued with a sense of purpose. Sonja’s presentation will illustrate how quality conversations shift body chemistry and guide our ability to develop trust and better relationships. This translates into increasing employee engagement, reduced turnover, and higher productivity. This session will provide the keys to cultivating conversational intelligence in your organization to ensure your organization’s future success


Break & Network Time


Concurrent Session 3

David Lengacher
David Lengacher

Head of Data Science, MonarchFx

  • Track A: Reinvention - Hidden Insights in Your Data & How to Find Them

    Get the most of your data. This session will introduce Data Science methods to overcome common roadblocks in producing insights. Will include tips on data cleaning, data visualization, and the power of simulation.

Tony Del Cid
Tony Del Cid

Director, Tompkins International

  • Track B: Automation - Material Handling: Technology on the Forefront

    What is new in the world of automation inside the four walls. Session will cover where they are used, advantages/disadvantages, and productivity.

Lisa Kennedy
Lisa Kennedy

Project Manager, Tompkins International

  • Track C: Constraints - Food For Thought: CPG/F&B Trends and Solutions

    CPG and Food & Beverage manufacturers are actively pursuing digital commerce, but are lagging other verticals in selling direct-to-consumers (D2C) and Unichannel. Unichannel is about providing consumers a seamless experience across all environments -- stores, online, social media -- but requires supply chain capabilities other than CPG’s and F&B’s existing, retailer-optimized capabilities. Co-packing and flexible logistics partners are needed in the CPG/F&B space for them to deliver unichannel experiences and support online marketplaces, D2C, subscriptions, and other e-commerce. The increase in supply chain complexity is falling on these companies to develop the most cost-efficient, flexible operations. We will explore the CPG/F&B D2C & other trends as well as leading-edge supply chain solutions.

Chris Sultemeier
Chris Sultemeier

EVP Logistics (Retired), Walmart


Consumer Shopping Patterns: The Impact on Supply Chain and Logistics

Consumer shopper patterns are changing and retail supply chains must change to accommodate this behavior. The internet shopping phenomenon was the not the start of the change, but the consumer taking control actually led the change. Assortment growth, ordering online, goods shipped to homes have all led to unprecedented change. Today the omnichannel shopper, that person that interacts with your brand and “consumes” your offering in multiple ways, through the traditional store self shop, order online and pickup at the store or ordering online and shipped to home is dramatically more valuable than any other consumer. This is the “holy grail” of retail.

Being able to deliver a seamless multichannel experience is what retail today seeks. This new environment creates dramatic changes through the Supply Chain. Inventory must be forward deployed much closer to the consumer, assortments are infinitely larger, the store is a fulfillment center and the fulfillment center is a store, and social media exposes all of your shortcomings. All of these challenges are occurring with a backdrop of labor cost increases, driver shortages and unprecedented capital that is being invested in supply chain technology.


Lunch and Adjourn the Forum

12:00PM - 2:30PM

Bus Transportation to the Airport


Well known industry leaders

Jim Tompkins

Dr. James A.


CEO, Tompkins International

Dr. James A. Tompkins is an international authority on designing and implementing end-to-end supply chains. His focus over the last several years has been in the areas of eCommerce, Omnichannel and supply chain transformations as a result of digital disruptions. As the founder and CEO of Tompkins International, he provides leadership for Tompkins global consulting and implementation business and stresses the requirement for Strategy before Structure and Structure before Implementation.

Dr. James A. Tompkins is an international authority on designing and implementing end-to-end supply chains. His focus over the last several years has been in the areas of eCommerce, Omnichannel and supply chain transformations as a result of digital disruptions. As the founder and CEO of Tompkins International, he provides leadership for Tompkins global consulting and implementation business and stresses the requirement for Strategy before Structure and Structure before Implementation.

Dr. James A. Tompkins received the prestigious Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award from the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) on June 1, 2015. The award is an attribute that recognizes Dr. Tompkins through the contributions he has provided to the welfare of mankind in the field of industrial engineering. In addition, Jim has served as President of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Materials Management Society, and the College-Industry Council on Material Handling Education, and Purdue has named him a Distinguished Engineering Alum. He has also received more than 50 additional awards for his service to his profession.

His 35-plus years as CEO of a consulting / integration firm and his focus on helping companies achieve profitable growth give him an insider’s view into what makes great companies even better. As a high-level business and supply chain strategy advisor, his unique perspective prepares corporations and executives for the future.

To share his knowledge and provide up-to-date information on supply chain and business trends, he developed his blog called “Creating Supply Chain Excellence.” Jim is also a thought leader, sharing insights on business strategy through his presentations and videos, including his most recent, Supply Chain Revolutions: Responding to Digital Disruptions.

He has written or contributed to more than 30 books, including Caught Between the Tiger and the Dragon, Bold Leadership, Logistics and Manufacturing Outsourcing, The Supply Chain Handbook, No Boundaries and Facilities Planning. Jim has been quoted in hundreds of business and industry magazines such as The Journal of Commerce, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, and FORTUNE, and he has spoken at thousands of international engagements.

Jim received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering in 1969, his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering in 1970 and his Ph.D. in 1972, all from Purdue University.

Chris Sultemeier



Walmart, EVP Logistics (Retired)

Chris Sultemeier the former head of Logistics for Walmart. Chris Sultemeier has over 30 years of experience in leadership and supply chain operations.  During his 28 year career at the world’s largest retailer, Chris established solid relationships with CEOs and top level leaders for partnering transportation, 3rd party warehouse distribution-fulfillment and retail companies; allowing him to bridge those relationships globally into the international market for the supply chain arena. Chris served as President/CEO of Walmart Transportation LLC and retired as the Executive Vice President of Logistics for Walmart Stores, Inc.

Chris Sultemeier the former head of Logistics for Walmart. Chris Sultemeier has over 30 years of experience in leadership and supply chain operations.  During his 28 year career at the world’s largest retailer, Chris established solid relationships with CEOs and top level leaders for partnering transportation, 3rd party warehouse distribution-fulfillment and retail companies; allowing him to bridge those relationships globally into the international market for the supply chain arena. Chris served as President/CEO of Walmart Transportation LLC and retired as the Executive Vice President of Logistics for Walmart Stores, Inc.. In 2007, he was awarded the prestigious Sam M. Walton Entrepreneur of the Year Award on Sustainability.  Chris currently serves on the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation Board. Chris graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Chris was an Army Airborne Ranger and received his professional engineering license in Civil Engineering.

Tim Lowe



President, Lowes Foods, LLC

Tim has over 28 years of broad retail experience and currently as President of Lowes Foods, LLC. Tim previously served as Executive Vice-President, Merchandising for Supervalu. Tim also held the position of Senior Vice-President of Operations, Senior Vice-President of Merchandising as well as President of Shoppers Food. Prior to SuperValu Tim's broad career also included time in General Merchandise including positions with companies such as Wal-Mart and Meijer. He is a graduate of the University of Houston where he graduated with a B.S. in Pharmacy.

Tim and his wife Karla reside in Winston-Salem, NC. They have four children, three of which are married.

Sonja Stetzler



Founder, Effective Connecting

Sonja Stetzler, MA, CPC is the founder of Effective Connecting, a business specializing in developing and improving employees’ communication skills. A respected speaker, coach and strategist within the business world, she has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Duke Energy, Bank of America, Carolinas Health Systems, and Blythe Construction. For the past two years she has worked with and coached executives who delivered presentations at the Material Handling Industries’ Executive Summit.

Sonja received her B.S. from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina and her M.A. in Organizational Communication from Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is certified as an Executive Coach through Queens University’s certificate program. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and the National Speakers Association.

Mudit Rawat



Chief Strategy Officer, NexusFx

Rawat is the Chief Strategy Officer at NexusFx and focuses on client strategy, technology and partnerships. He advises clients on eCommerce strategy, setting up and optimizing new operations, and track and measure KPIs.

Past experience: Prior to NexusFx, Rawat started Urbery, Canada’s first on-demand grocery and alcohol delivery platform. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, he worked in the Corporate Strategy Group of Sobeys, one of Canada’s largest grocery retailer. He has also worked in various business development and consulting roles in companies such as Oracle and CGI. He also holds an MBA degree from Schulich School of Business.

Walt Coleman



NFL Referee

Walt Coleman has been applauded by hundreds and booed by millions. He has been in practically every home in America via television. You see he is a National Football League referee, one of the most maligned yet anonymous men in the world. Contrary to popular belief, he is quite normal in other respects. He has a wife Cynthia, two children, four grandchildren and is an executive with Hiland Dairy in Little Rock, Arkansas.

This 12 month a year businessman has spent the last 28 years as an official for the National Football League. He is a referee and wears number 65 on the back of his striped shirt.

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