Supply Chain Technology Implementation Services

Our team provides the effective leadership and coaching that is so critical to a successful implementation of new processes and technologies. Our focus is to ensure that changes are accomplished in a timely manner, costs are minimized, and that the desired objectives are achieved.

Tompkins’ business is founded on the concept that:

  • Strategy drives the needed infrastructure;
  • Infrastructure must be designed to be implemented, maintained and operated over the long haul, which includes consideration of future business conditions; and
  • Implementation achieves the desired results and is impacted by how the infrastructure is designed.

This approach has given our team the practical experience needed to both understand how strategy affects everyone and everything, and what it takes to apply processes, IT applications or other technology tools in the real world.

This holistic approach—combined with teams that have practical experience in design and implementations—will result in improved designs and execution of the critical supply chain projects that affect your business functions.