Sourcing & Procurement

The supply chain procurement and strategic sourcing options that Tompkins International analyzes for your company begin with an assessment of your current sourcing & procurement strategy, methods, and spending.

Based on this information, Tompkins International can help you with these procurement process steps:

  • Supplier relationship management that focuses not on software, but on relationships.
  • Identification of process work flows and improvements
  • Identification and evaluation of other choices for sourcing regions
  • Separation of commodity buying from other categories
  • Identification of e-procurement options
  • Design of the most efficient and effective process and playbooks
  • Procurement cost reduction
  • Pilot tests of the new process
  • Change management to facilitate the new process adoption
  • New performance metrics for sourcing and procurement

Tompkins has substantial experience and expertise in strategic sourcing and procurement throughout Asia. Tompkins’ capability to evaluate and improve sourcing strategy and performance at a company’s headquarters as well as in Asia allows Tompkins to provide unparalleled benefits to our clients.