Manufacturing & Production Operations

Customer expectations for manufacturing products have changed over the last 15 years. To provide the speed and customization today’s customers require, new manufacturing and production strategies must be used in the supply chain. To achieve success and competitive advantage, all manufacturing companies must reduce costs, minimize process failures, globalize their operations, improve quality, and create efficient supply chains.

Manufacturing Solutions

Today’s aggressive business environment further demands that manufacturers lean their processes, create efficient and agile material flow, and have a culture of continuous improvement. Tompkins works with manufacturers to identify operations improvement opportunities and to put in place manufacturing best practices that meet client needs. We help manufacturers significantly improve their processes through a proven methodology:

  • Define requirements by looking at throughput and capacity, process and material flows, product characteristics and working capital
  • Identify opportunities for improvements in manufacturing methods and processes, in material handling systems and in facility layout and design
  • Evaluate opportunities for implementing operational changes by performing economic and qualitative analyses and develop implementation plan
  • Implement improvements according to a detailed plan that incorporates best practices focused on improved operational results