Supply Chain Assessment

To continually perform at peak efficiency, supply chains must adapt to changing business demands and take advantage of new or improved technologies.

A few organizations have a systematic, ongoing program to achieve these continual improvements, but most rely on initiatives within individual operational groups. By periodically performing supply chain assessments, you minimize or avoid “cost creep” and lowered performance, as well as ensure timely identification of cost-effective measures that will help you maintain your competitive advantage.

Tompkins’ SCA consists of an appraisal, review and evaluation of a part or all of a supply chain. It offers an excellent way to qualify supply chain metrics, practices and technologies with the goal to identify the performance gaps and strengths. The SCA can be applied to both strategic and tactical business areas, such as:

  • Operations strategy
  • Organizational effectiveness (structure, talent/skills base, and related)
  • Functional processes and practices (inventory management, transportation practices, procurement, etc.),
  • Network design
  • Performance measures

Our proven methodology of inquiry and assessment—combined with our deep experience in global end-to-end supply chain design and operations—will benefit your organization. In addition, you can leverage our leading Tompkins Benchmarking and Best Practices database to gain insights from top performing supply chains and apply them to your strategy and tactical operations going forward.