Sales & Operations Planning

Achieving the right supply and inventory levels to efficiently meet demand is challenging in any business. It requires a cross-functional management approach, effective business processes, optimal policies for inventory management, appropriate use of technology tools, and an efficient planning organization.

Today, there are many innovative terms and acronyms used to define this process:

  • Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), and
  • Merchandise, Inventory and Operations Execution (MIOE)

Regardless of the acronym, the capabilities needed for demand planning and supply management must be focused on maximizing the service to customers while minimizing cost. To achieve this objective, a focus on supply chain performance improvement is required, including the product flow from your supplier’s supplier to your customer’s customer.

The scope of the improvement opportunities should cover the global nature of your operations in discrete or process manufacturing, wholesale distribution or retailing, and be consistent with market channel-specific requirements, competitive aspects and corporate objectives.

Our team leverages decades of experience, supporting global companies across a range of industries to provide the following services:

  • Demand Planning and Supply Management Assessments: A comprehensive, systematic review of current demand planning and supply management business processes, policies, use of technology and planning roles and responsibilities vs. best practices. Assessments identify gaps between current operations and best practices and define solutions to address them.


  • Inventory Performance Improvement Programs: The execution of a step-by-step process to address:

Business Processes: Effective business processes for demand planning and supply management which enhance the coordination between customer demand and product supply.

Inventory Management Policies: Optimal SKU-location stocking policies, customer service-driven safety stock policies and economics-driven cycle stock / replenishment order quantity policies to optimize cost and customer service objectives.

Technology: Re-configuration of existing, or implementation of appropriate new, demand planning and supply management applications to effectively leverage technology for best inventory performance.

Organizational Roles and Responsibilities: Client-specific custom demand planning and supply management training, workload balancing and organizational structure​


  • Performance Measurement and Continuous Improvement: Selection of performance metrics with the best aggregation levels/drill-down capabilities, creation of specifically-formatted results reports from existing data and development of review processes critical to understanding and addressing the underlying driving forces of performance.

Our commitment is to support the execution of a world-class demand planning and supply management across the enterprise to maximize customer service and minimize costs.