Inventory Planning & Management

The development of an effective and implementable supply chain plan requires broad and deep expertise in the areas of industrial engineering, technology systems, equipment, logistics, procurement, operations management, marketing, business economics, as well as access to current supply chain industry data.

Too often, for lack of time, knowledge, or resources dedicated to these areas, even the best supply chain plans do not meet expectations, or are not implemented as required.  Whether it concerns a Periodic Plan for Operations, or ongoing S&OP Planning, companies frequently experience dissatisfaction with the results—even after channeling considerable resources and expense into the planning process.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.  With a depth of services and leaders whose experience extends beyond areas typically defined within logistics, we offer clients the best, most implementable solutions, backed by unrivaled knowledge, objectivity, technical ability, and a track record of hundreds of successful end-to-end Supply Chain Plans.

Our Supply Chain Planning services include:

While a company’s business strategy is often well-defined and communicated, we take it a step further to help you build an Operations Strategy that fully realizes necessary business goals and objectives.

We provide an evaluation that focuses on identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within your supply chain. This assessment is determined by your own internal values and expectations and measured against best-in-class and core competitor performance.

We help you decide which processes or functions can be outsourced and what these business cases look like. This includes qualification and selection of service providers, implementation support, and promotion of ongoing relationship management practices.

Are your demand, supply and inventory priorities out of balance? Tompkins develops a structured process to reconcile this imbalance while achieving improvements in customer service, cost, and reliability of short- and long-term supply.

Tompkins boasts a confidential, 350-plus member supported database process and proprietary survey capabilities. This service allows you to compare your company’s performance against that of others – both within industries or across industries, as well as identify the processes and technologies that deliver best-in-class performance.

Every transformational project requires that you adapt to new processes and/or technologies. We help your company identify, design and manage desired changes and ensure that they occur at the earliest possible time in order for maximum, continuous benefits to be achieved in the shortest possible time.

Our team is experienced at providing the effective leadership, and/or coaching, to achieve successful implementation and adoption of new processes and technologies. We also ensure that changes are accomplished in a timely manner.