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Tompkins’ experienced team of project managers and on-site field engineers help clients successfully deploy and start up greenfield and retrofit distribution centers (DCs) and fulfillment centers (FCs). We offer multiple services over and above our material handling equipment design and systems integration to make the start up of your operations a success..

Our proven methodology supports a successful implementation schedule while minimizing the impacts to your ongoing critical operations. Our implementation approach reduces your internal labor commitments, total costs and “lost-opportunity” costs resulting in differed internal initiatives. We shift the project schedule risks from you to Tompkins while providing the greatest flexibility to achieve your implementation objectives.

A great design is only as good as its implementation and application. Tompkins maintains a senior resource from the design team through all phases of the implementation and start-up process to ensure the original requirements of the operation and nuances of the design remain intact once the system is active.

Our Proof

Don’t just take it from us. Learn how our projects deliver on our promise of high impact, high value and high confidence in the client examples below.

Chicken Fast Food Chain

Chicken Fast Food Chain

DC Design & Implementation


Transitioning from third-party logistics (3PL) providers to company-owned distribution centers


  • DC design and equipment capable of meeting the restaurant’s high service levels
  • Daily support for all operations and internal systems including warehouse management system (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP)


  • Designed and implemented a second DC to support up to 250 restaurants with significant growth over the design horizon
  • Developed comprehensive SOPs for training and daily use for both WMS and ERP systems
Automotive Parts Provider

Automotive Parts Provider

New Distribution Strategy & Implementation


Redesigning the distribution network to increase product availability, delivery frequency and service levels following a major acquisition


  • Cost-effective transportation and routing methods capable of supporting daily, overnight deliveries
  • Facility design and operations that can accommodate new service level and fulfillment requirements


  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive distribution strategy that greatly improved service levels
  • Updated distribution facilities and processes required for daily store fulfillment

Tompkins’ detailed design service enables the implementation of new or retrofit distribution centers or fulfillment centers. The purpose of the design phase is to ensure that the operational requirements are met and the equipment selection supports the capital budget and return on investment expectations.

During this stage, we finalize the building layout and equipment design and provide a detailed implementation plan to allow a smooth transition from your existing operations. Our overall process includes:

  • Developing detailed operational flows
  • Developing preliminary interface requirements (WMS, WES, WCS)
  • Finalizing layout and drawings of the solution and equipment requirements
  • Developing System Description Documents (SDDs)
  • Detailing schedule preparation

Since Tompkins provides tailored solutions for each client, finding the right vendors to implement these designs is critical to their success. We objectively solicit and evaluate multiple vendors to ensure the best option for each element of your solution. Our RFP and vendor selection process includes:

  • Equipment identifications
  • Functional specification documents
  • Administration of bids and managing vendor interactions
  • Overall bid evaluations
  • Recommendations, including each vendor’s role in the solution

Whether you are looking for on-site support, a program manager or a team that can deliver a turnkey implementation, Tompkins’ proven approach can provide you with a smooth transition to on-time operational excellence of your distribution or fulfillment center. Our team of field engineers are experts working with clients on:

  • Schedule management
  • Vendor management
  • Installation services
  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Associate training and planning
  • Product slotting
  • Transition planning
  • Configuration of equipment, workstations, location identification, etc.
  • Equipment and systems acceptance testing
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up support and post go-live auditing

With highly automated designs, it is recommended to perform an overall system simulation prior to equipment selection to define operational strategies and identify any potential choke points or equipment sensitivities. Tompkins uses plant simulation software to optimize material flow, resource utilization and logistics for all types of distribution operations, including e-commerce, B2B, retail and cross-docking.

In today’s constantly changing environment, finding the right facility and location for your distribution operations is more important than ever. Tompkins evaluates your current and future business needs to ensure the right site and building selection, which could include purchase or lease, new construction or existing building. This process allows you to focus on your existing operations while our experienced team carefully prepares for your future operations by managing the following:

  • Identification of potential sites
  • Site incentives
  • RFP development for multiple sites and builders/developers
  • Placement of facility on sites for final evaluation
  • Review of key building characteristics to meet the solution requirements
  • Evaluation of developer agreements
  • Recommendation of final site/developer