Facility Detailed Design

Detailed Design for Distribution Operations turns the high-level strategic plan into an implementable design for new, or retrofit, Distribution Centers (DCs) or Fulfillment Centers (FCs).

The key functions of the design effort are ensuring that the operational requirements are met and that the equipment selection supports the capital investment expectations. Included in our design process is the planning of the building layout and equipment design, as well as the implementation plan, to allow a smooth transition from the existing operations.

Whether the design is simple or complex—and regardless of the level of on-site support required—the scope and deliverables we provide are tailored to your exacting requirements, including:

  • Greenfield site evaluation
  • Facility retrofit planning
  • Detailed drawing packages
  • Site and developer selection
  • Simulation of the proposed operation
  • Detailed system description documentation
  • Detailed schedule preparation and management
  • Preparation of equipment specifications
  • Supporting systems integration design
  • Solicitation, evaluation and selection of equipment and system vendors
  • Construction services
  • Overall program management

The ultimate goal at Tompkins International is to create an implementable solution that gives you the confidence that all operational requirements are met with the best and most economical solution, backed by a plan that offers a trouble-free transition into your new DC/FC operations.