Facility Planning

Your distribution center (DC) is a valuable strategic resource. To keep pace with growth, avoid margin erosion and migrate your resources to evolving distribution channels, take a proactive approach with a Facility Plan.

The Facility Plan includes a review of DC assets, related processes and the products to be handled over a defined planning horizon. The final report provides a detailed, actionable plan structured to meet client objectives, including:

  • A business case, budget and project plan for your facility(s);
  • A high-level design, budget and project plan for your facility(s); and
  • A clear, implementable path forward and timeline.

The typical scope involves a comprehensive review of current DC operations, inventory policies, and special handling or processing requirements, as well as the impact of seasonal changes and/or promotions.

The deliverables often include a high-level facility design that achieves optimal performance, encompassing recommended changes to work procedures, automation, inventory storage, and facility requirements. To provide the proper balance of automation, space and labor, the evaluation covers:

  • Capital investments
  • Start-up expenses
  • Economic benefits
  • Overall timeline
  • Ease of implementation
  • Risk management
  • Business continuity
  • Flexibility
  • Plus other client priorities

This service is useful when:

  • You are capacity constrained and are uncertain how far you can economically push the existing resource before requiring capital to build a new or significant expansion.
  • You need a plan to repurpose an existing distribution or fulfillment center.
  • You need a well-defined business case and plan to determine budgets, time tables, and economic feasibility of required changes.

Your distribution channels are evolving beyond the original design intent of your facility or facilities.