Advisory Services

Tompkins Advisory Services (TAS) has been designed to provide knowledge, information and data and deep insights to organizations whose business and/or investments are impacted by the accelerated pace brought about by the digital supply chain.

In this connected environment, companies grow and shrink at speeds not experienced in the past.  Requirements for land, facilities, transportation services, and inventory adjust with equal velocity.  TAS does not replace, but rather, supplement clients own experience and analysis by providing a deeper level of insight.

TAS uses and leverages multiple sources for insights: these include our own thought leaders; industry analysts and organizations; communications with nationally recognized specialists; and evaluation and modeling capabilities.

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TAS Success Stories

Tompkins performed a confidential study on the costs and performance metrics in the eCommerce marketplace.  The effort required detailed data collection from numerous sources and the completion of a complex cost model.  The effort was successfully completed and provided meaningful insights to the client.  The model was designed for future updates as conditions and inputs change.