Revolutionizing Unit and Parcel Sortation

Tompkins Robotics' t-Sort solution is the world’s first portable, automated unit & parcel sortation system.

t-Sort is a game-changing unit and parcel sortation system that performs much like a tilt tray or crossbelt sorter without a fixed track, allowing independent robots to travel freely to any divert or induction station along the shortest path, greatly enhancing efficiency and maximizing operational capabilities.  Unlike traditional sortation systems that require a large upfront investment and have excess capacity that may be underutilized for years, the t-Sort system is fully modular and allows robots, chutes or induction stations to be added or removed instantaneously without any interruption or downtime.  A typical installation takes six months or less to go live, and the completely portable system can be collapsed or set up in minutes and relocated to another location overnight, providing an added level of versatility.