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Keep Your Facility Safe During COVID-19 & Beyond

Leveraging Tompkins’ 45 years of experience to help keep your facility and employees safe during COVID-19 and beyond.

COVID-19 has sent distribution and fulfillment operations into overdrive, as businesses strive to deliver on customer needs during the pandemic.  With the health and safety of employees and customers being the number one priority, businesses need validation that all processes and procedures are being followed.

Tompkins SentryCheck provides complete data transparency with cloud reporting and dashboards, allowing your compliance team to monitor all facilities from a single view.

SentryCheck provides tools to ensure each of your facilities comply with your company’s COVID-19 procedures, including:

  • Workplace Entry
  • Facility Sanitation
  • Remediation & Communication

Automated Checklists and Task Management

Eliminate manual, paper-based recording methods to increase operational efficiencies
Automated and encrypted data collection and cloud storage provide a defendable, consistent audit trail of required data, unique reports and subscriptions
Digitized checklists and assessments allow data to be relevant, time-bound and measured, ensuring accountability
Gain rapid insight to identify problems and rectify situations before they become issues
Warehouse worker in mask
Secure cloud-based storage of all task observations, activities and audit commentary.
Corrective action alerts sent immediately via text or email.
Customizable task management checklists for any operational needs.
Photo, video and audio capture with notes for accurate recordkeeping.
Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly required tasks accessible from any iOS or Android mobile device.
Hand holding phone
The easily configurable mobile application can prompt users to perform time-sensitive tasks, record critical inputs, automatically send corrective action alerts and more.
Consistent and complete reporting and analytics with subscriptions.