Material Handling Equipment Systems Design

Tompkins International offers material handling system design as part of a total system implementation or as a stand-alone design project.

Our proven design process involves collaboration from all parties including operations, maintenance, IT and other suppliers.

We rely on our extensive industry experience to develop a material handling system design and a comprehensive set of performance and bid specifications.

Tompkins also provides RFP response evaluation and procurement support to ensure that the most suitable systems are obtained at the best price.

Tompkins can define system and subsystem-level requirements, develop layout options, perform simulation and emulation, and select best-of-breed technologies.

We have consultants who specialize in conveyors, pick-to-light systems, voice-directed picking, automatic identification such as RFID, storage rack and shelving, sorters, WMS software, and packaging equipment.

These experts will be brought in on your design project to ensure the appropriate technology is applied.

Our designs are created with operations and maintenance personnel in mind. The systems we deliver are comprehensive, completely compliant with project requirements, and seamlessly integrated.

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