Digital commerce is more than just e-commerce transactions. Today’s customer shopping journey encompasses a wide range of channels and stages and begins long before—and after—they purchase an item, requiring companies to provide a consistent, omnichannel experience across every touchpoint.

With consumer expectations at an all-time high, it is mission-critical for companies to reinvent their supply chain strategies and operations to deliver a personalized, seamless experience when, where and how their customers want it. Succeeding in today’s customer-centric world requires solutions that are flexible and capable of adapting and constantly evolving to meet growing customer and market demands.

Built upon Tompkins’ 40+ years of supply chain experience, our comprehensive digital commerce service line combines cutting-edge practices and technologies to help you deliver a frictionless customer experience and ensure long-term profitable growth.

Our Digital Strategy services include:

Achieving profitable growth requires the right strategies and superior execution. Our experts help formulate your unique strategies and provide you with a roadmap to optimize your selling opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.

As consumers continue to shop wherever, whenever and however they want, having the proper foundation to seamlessly enable and manage sales channels is critical to maximize your strategic position. Our extensive knowledge and experience in channel enablement will help you increase sales and business performance.

Meeting service level commitments across multiple channels requires a robust infrastructure to coordinate between product listings, inventory, pricing and delivery. Our industry-leading processes and technologies enable you to effectively manage multiple channels and deliver a seamless customer experience. 

Implementing leading practices in the digital age requires seasoned professionals armed with the knowledge and experience to identify and mitigate risks and disruptions. By leveraging our vast expertise and network of specialized partners, we have helped countless companies create new business and operations models to ensure success in today’s increasingly digital world.

Extracting insights from collected data is vital for positioning new products, marketing strategies and pricing programs to optimize the business. Our team utilizes innovative technologies such as advanced analytics, augmented reality, machine learning and IoT to help clients transform data into actionable insights to improve business performance and the customer experience.

Managing orders efficiently through a single operational construct is critical for maintaining acceptable operating margins. We have the expertise to evaluate your current operations and identify any gaps to ensure you are ready to compete in this fast paced, dynamic world.

As the market continues to demand rapid order to delivery services, it is increasingly necessary to utilize a localized distribution network that enables short delivery cycles. With their specialized experience designing this type of network, our team can help you identify the right facility locations and operations to meet your company’s unique strategies and goals.

The planning, allocations and management of inventories in is complicated, as traditional demand-supply planning methods are unable to quickly fulfill item-level orders. We apply a customized model based on distributed flow forecasting and replenishment scheduling to help you deliver on service level commitments and a great customer experience. 

Micromarketing is important for maximizing your selling opportunities. Utilizing the latest tools and technologies, our team evaluates and enhances your brand positioning to help you expand your reach and increase sales among each of your target customer groups.