The growth of machine automation, smart devices, and data-producing sensors in equipment has brought immense promise, especially in an age of high-volume, high-complexity eCommerce, distribution, and fulfillment.  IoT has the potential to create more efficient, cost effective, and reliable warehouse environments that are safer, more comfortable, more secure, and better poised to maximize customer satisfaction.  However, the sheer number, complexity, and output of connected devices has created new challenges as well.

How can companies harmonize each respective data stream, avoid information overload, and identify valuable data?  How do they get different systems with different standards to talk to each other?   How do they set up functional analytics, and identify useful patterns?  And even if all this can be accomplished, how do they implement changes, apply controls, and optimize their environments based on that data?

If you’ve recognized how challenging (and promising) IoT in the warehouse environment will be for your organization, you may already be looking for the solution.

Enter The Connected Warehouse®

The Connected Warehouse® is Tompkins’ reinvention of the warehouse environment for the digital age.  It integrates three key elements: people, processes, and automation.  It is built upon SensorThink™, the world’s first IoT and data integration platform designed for the warehouse.  The Connected Warehouse® is ultimately about creating the future agile company; a place where people and technology integrate, leading to operations that are responsive, intelligent, cost-effective, and robust. 

The Power of SensorThink™

Every piece of digital information generated in the warehouse can be collected, processed, stored,  and analyzed, allowing one to manage material handling automation, security, HVAC, lighting, lift trucks, maintenance systems, and more in ways never before possible.  SensorThink’s cloud-based machine learning and cross-platform analytics engine allows you to view and analyze this information within the building or across the distribution network.  For the first time, SensorThink ties all of the elements of production, performance, and execution into a single platform.

 Tompkins WES Integration

The Tompkins Warehouse Execution System (WES) is the first system designed to capitalize on IoT in the warehouse.  Now integrated with the SensorThink platform, it makes orchestration of The Connected Warehouse® possible.  Tompkins WES can access information from IoT and non-IoT enabled devices, machines and sensors, as well as other software solutions.  This unique interaction with the warehouse’s digital landscape allows Tompkins WES to manage operational tasks and material handling automation in an unprecedented fashion, while providing a seamless view of process, data, and performance.  The combination of Tompkins WES and SensorThink provides distribution center operators with visibility and capabilities that until now were simply unavailable.

An Expert Consulting Team

The Connected Warehouse® is a solution tailored to your needs by Tompkins' expert supply chain business consultants.  We will start by assessing your operations and understanding your organizational goals.  Our team will then plan, design, and implement a unique integration of the technologies described above, providing you with uprecendented operational transparency and control.  

Tompkins fully services and supports every Connected Warehouse® implementation, and will provide post-deployment assistance, training, and optimization, including expansion of your systems and facilities to keep pace with (and drive) your growth.  To experience the benefits of the next generation of warehouse technology, get in touch with our supply chain business consulting team today.  

Watch our video below to learn more about The Connected Warehouse®.


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ETC Re-Opening

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Event date: 2/20/2018 - 2/21/2018 Export event


Emerging Technology Center Re-Opening
February 20th and February 21st
Orlando, FL

Updated, Modernized, Innovative

Come see the newly updated Tompkins Emerging Technology Center (ETC) during our event on Tuesday February 20th or Wednesday February 21st in Orlando, FL.

Featured at the ETC will be the following discussion sessions and live demonstrations:

  • MonarchFx fulfillment
  • Tompkins Robotics
  • Equipment Partners – RightHand Robotics and SI Systems A-Frame Dispensers
  • SensorThink – Creator of The Connected Warehouse
  • Tompkins Warehouse Execution System (TWES)
  • Softeon Supply Chain Solutions
  • Next Generation Auto Bag and Box Equipment and Automated Batch Pick
  • A Future Zone for Next-Next-Next Generation of Products and Services

The format of the event is a morning and afternoon session on each of the two days of the event. Each session will offer discussions led by subject matter experts and live demonstrations of the latest technology advances.

Meet with Jim Tompkins – CEO Tompkins International and MonarchFx, Denny McKnight – CEO Tompkins Robotics and President Tompkins International, Eric Peters – President and CEO SensorThink, Mike Futch – President Tompkins Robotics.

A Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be available at the event for all attendees. Transportation will be provided between your hotel and event sites.

View the One Pager.


Join us for one of our four live demonstration sessions, each session is identical and lasts about 4 hours. Please indicate which session you would prefer when registering.

Tue, Feb 20

Wed, Feb 21

7:00am - 8:00am
Check-In & Registration for Session 1 (Continental Breakfast)
8:00am - 12:30pm
Session 1 – Live Demonstrations and Hotel Informative Sessions
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Lunch Q/A
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Check-In & Registration for Session 2
1:00pm - 5:30pm
Session 2 – Live Demonstrations and Hotel Informative Sessions
7:00am - 8:00am
Check-In & Registration for Session 1 (Continental Breakfast)
8:00am - 12:30pm
Session 3 – Live Demonstrations and Hotel Informative Sessions
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Lunch Q/A
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Check-In & Registration for Session 2
1:00pm - 5:30pm
Session 4 – Live Demonstrations and Hotel Informative Sessions
Session Events
Split the group into 3 pre-assigned rotating teams as follows:
  • Team 1: Tompkins Robotics - Current and Next (40 minutes) - Mike Futch and Jim Serstad
  • Team 2: TWES / RH Robotics / SI (40 minutes per topic) - Rick Kaminska, RH Robots and SI
  • Team 3: IoT and the Connected Warehouse (40 minutes per topic) - Eric Peters and John Spain
Hotel Conference Room Sessions
  • Unichannel Ecosystems and Distributed Logistics (40 minutes) - Jim Tompkins
  • Softeon WMS and DOM (40 minutes)
  • New Retail (40 minutes) - Michael Zakkour
Hotel One on One Sessions
  • Channel Advisor
  • 3PL's: DHL, Kenco, NFI


SensorThink is your Digital Platform for warehousing, distribution and fulfillment center operations. It is the first IoT platform built from the ground up to support the unique needs of the warehousing industry. SensorThink can capture IoT and non-IoT enabled information and make that information accessible in the cloud across the organization. Whether it is human or machine generated, software or sensor created, SensorThink can capture, cleanse and harmonize that information so that it can be used to drive operational efficiencies in your buinsess. Enhance worker and machine productivity, reduce energy costs, improve safety and security and drive higher asset utilization with the SensorThink platform. All of this is accomplished through both our cloud based analytics and machine to machine learning technology and through our industry specific applications like our IoT enabled Warehouse Execution System. Start your Digital Revolution on the SensorThink platform.
RightHand Robotics is a partner of Tompkins Robotics and a leading piece-picking provider. Their proprietary solution, RightPick, combines vision and machine-learning software with smart grippers that enable the robots to handle thousands of items, gathering data from each pick to improve performance. This makes the robots uniquely capable of performing induction onto the t-Sort Robots. A picking robot will be positioned at the induction station. As t-Sort pulls up to the induction station, the RightHand robot will pick a unit from a bin and place it onto the tray of t-Sort. Significant advancements in vision technology by RightHand have now made robotic piece-picking commercially viable, and Tompkins is excited to showcase this integration of robotic piece-picking with robotic sorting at the Tompkins Emerging Technology Center.
SI Systems is a leading provider of high speed automated piece-picking A-Frame systems. The Mobile-Matic portable A-Frame dispensing system and integrated t-Sort Robots creates a dynamic fast and reliable order picking solution. Items are dispensed onto the top tray of each t-Sort Robot as it passes by the Mobile-Matic system. Multiple SKUs and lines per SKU can be dispensed at speeds of up to thousands per hour. Each Mobile-Matic unit can have up to 16 SKU positions. Multiple units can be daisy chained to increase the system’s capacity. The Mobile-Matic portable A-Frames require zero picking labor and has multiple sensors to assure the proper item has been picked and into the correct order. SI Systems is excited in partnering with Tompkins Robotics to provide this automated solution in the Tompkins Emerging Technology Center.
As a complete packaging capabilities and solutions provider, Piedmont National is a full-line distributor of high quality end-of-line packaging products and solutions for e-commerce businesses. As your company grows, your packaging must rise to meet the demands of your customer. We help businesses rapidly adapt to market changes and industry demands in productive and cost-effective ways without losing momentum or vision. We believe the future success of our customers will require a partnership providing full visibility into every facet of the packaging process. Piedmont National is excited to partner with Tompkins Robotics to highlight end-of-line packaging solutions in the Tompkins Emerging Technology Center.


Concierge: Cristina Ortiz




Event LocationOrlando, FL

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