Tompkins International introduces Tompkins Robotics, a new product offering for North America. Tompkins Robotics has joined forces with Lab Z and has been successfully operating in China for the past 3 years, as an innovative material handling sortation system, named t-Sort. Together the two companies will bring this robotic technology to North America, helping to build world-class supply chains, providing unmatched flexibility and throughput.

t-Sort technology uses free-moving, independent robots to replace conveyors, sorters, and tilt trays. It provides:

  • Efficiency – Robots move along the most direct path
  • Space utilization – Required space reduced tremendously
  • Modular – Robots can be added during peak season. System expanded at any time
  • Ultimate flexibility – Unit sortation & parcel sortation simultaneously and flexes on demand
  • Robots are less expensive – Compared to traditional tilt tray, the required capital is 50% less for a large DC. For a small system, we are less than a third of traditional
  • Faster startups - implementation is 6 – 9 months shorter than current automation / conveyor setups
  • Higher ROI – Lower investment, shorter lead times, faster implementation, reduced space, lower headcount, and incremental expansion / capital expenditures

We have multiple concepts and all are under consideration by multiple customers.

  • DC/FC
    Large DC/FC - Much improved system over traditional automation for unit and parcel sortation. Up to 1,000,000 units a day in a single system.
  • Small DC/FC - Allows automation across a customer base never tapped. Cost, modularity, savings and performance allow small players to benefit.
  • Supplement Existing Sites - Allows a small system to be added to a site – acts like an automated, large Put Wall – Save money, capital at large capacity increase.
  • Backroom Design - World’s first portable, modular, automated system for items & parcels. Allows eCommerce at large stores, automated order consolidation, and parcel sort to post office – Next day delivery at lowest cost.


Tompkins Robotics will help further evolve supply chain logistics automation, improving the efficiency of logistics operations. t-Sort is a means of automated order fulfillment for units to complete an order, and parcel shipping operations, allowing for better planning, implementation, controls efficiency, flow of goods, and customer service. Watch the Tompkins Robotics video to further understand the capabilities of the automated sortation system.

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Tompkins Robotics has joined with Lab-Z to introduce a material handling sortation system named “t-Sort.” With applications for both unit and parcel sortation, t-Sort performs much like traditional automated sortation systems, such as tilt tray or cross belt sorters.

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