Warehouse Execution System

The Tompkins Warehouse Execution System (Tompkins WES) integrates warehouse management systems and real-time control of all the equipment in your operations.


  • Core WCS functionality
  • Optimized Task Management
  • Seamless view of Process, Data, and Performance MHE
  • Efficiency and Control Integration with any WMS and automated sub-system

The Tompkins Warehouse Execution System (WES) is now integrated with the SensorThink platform, making orchestration of The Connected Warehouse™ possible.

Tompkins Warehouse Execution System works to improve the overall efficiency of a mechanized distribution center.

The Tompkins WES is the first system designed to capitalize on IoT in the warehouse. Tompkins WES can access information from IoT and non-IoT enabled devices, machines and sensors, and other software solutions.

This unique interaction with the warehouse’s digital landscape allows Tompkins WES to manage operational tasks and material handling automation in an unprecedented fashion, all while providing a seamless view of process, data, and performance. The combination of Tompkins WES and SensorThink provides distribution center operators with visibility and capabilities that until now were simply unavailable.