Distribution Operations

The right strategies for tomorrow’s product distribution require a different approach. Changing markets, customer demands and fulfillment services all combine to challenge the “rules of thumb” that drive today’s operations and knowledge of end-to-end supply chains. The flows of goods, information, cash, and work all combine in new ways to impact facilities planning and design, and inventory management, planning, and execution. Tompkins International’s Distribution Operations solutions focus on the entire supply chain and apply the latest operations improvement methods and tools to deliver distribution strategies for tomorrow’s needs.

Distribution Center (DC) and Fulfillment Center (FC) operations are central to every supply chain. Tompkins International’s distribution operations services ensure that your facilities deliver the right product to the right place at the right time, and at the lowest possible cost.

Superior Value: More Thought, Less Steel: Our DC/FC solutions are value engineered from the ground up, starting with requirements and evaluating various solutions and technology to find the optimal blend of space, equipment, systems, automation and labor in order to achieve the best value over the life of the facility

Our Distribution Operations services include:

Performs a detail review of distribution centers (DCs) and/or fulfillment centers (FCs) assets, related processes and delivers a business case, operational design, budget and project plan for implementing best practices to efficiently and effectively meet the future business requirements. Whether you are looking to implement a new DC or FC, expand an existing site, or maximize your assets, strategic planning guarantees that your distribution operations align with your corporate strategy.

We convert visions into detailed roadmaps that ensure a clear path to deployment. By creating a customized and detailed design, we help turn your strategic plans for gaining a competitive advantage through your distribution and fulfillment centers into reality. The key functions of the design effort are ensuring that the operational requirements are met and that the equipment selection supports the capital investment expectations. Included in our design process is the building layout and equipment design, as well as the implementation plan, to allow a smooth transition from the existing operations

Whether you are looking for on-site support, a program manager, or a team that can deliver a turn-key implementation, our proven approach can provide you with a smooth transition to on-time, operational excellence of your DC or FC. Our team of field engineers are expert at working with clients to minimize the impact on internal labor commitments, to reduce the time to implement as well as implementation costs and avoid the cost associated with “lost-opportunities” that might result from differing other internally supported initiatives.

Identifies policies and controls for inventory management, which includes stock allocation, replenishment and order flows. These services drive higher inventory turns and thus efficiencies in the use of working capital employed. To create inventory policies that make sense, we analyze the impact of internal and external factors while integrating inventory with purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and sales.