Benchmarking & Best Practices Consortium

Monitoring internal metrics in order to measure operational performance is a common practice in all companies. Researching and analyzing leading companies’ best practices provides useful information to compare to your own best practices, and guide decisions on priorities and capital allocation. Energize this effort by incorporating a Benchmarking and Best Practices process that utilizes external performance data, which will redefine and improve your awareness of top operational performers.

Benchmarking Services

Tompkins delivers supply chain benchmarking services aimed at introducing clients to the best practices of the world’s leading enterprises. Benchmarking and Best Practices incorporates the best elements of benchmarking metrics reviews and best practice initiatives.

  • Benchmarking compares your supply chain performance to that of your peers and to companies that are thought to be exceptional performers.
  • Best Practice Reviews identify the supply chain processes that have proven to deliver superior results in real world implementations.


The Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium (TSCC)

A leader in benchmarking and best practices, Tompkins established the Supply Chain Consortium over a decade ago. The Consortium database, accessible only to members through a secure web browser interface, offers a variety of exclusive tools to access composite data to compare against your supply chain performance. It supports your important best practices research, or when searching for a new solution.

Consisting of a group of more than 350 participating companies, The Consortium groups include one tailored for “Shippers” and one for “Third Party Logistics Providers” (3PLs). Both groups operate using the same comprehensive, information-packed database and user-friendly interface.

Membership Advantages

By identifying which technologies, tools, and processes are used by leading companies, our Consortium members can determine what drives the results at these companies and use this as one more key input to support decisions on improving operational performance. Customized, self-generated reports provide valuable insight, allowing you to compare your operations against peers and best-in-class companies, as well as against others in your industry.

Membership in the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium for benchmarking and best practices provides networking opportunities with those who have similar interests, experiences and questions. It provides your company with measurable benefits, including:

  • Allowing you to measure your performance against best-in-class companies and competitors, to identify improvement opportunities,
  • Ensuring meaningful scorecards with key performance indicators across all areas of your supply chain,
  • Broadening the thinking of the management team and the operations group to include issues beyond the individuals’ immediate responsibilities
  • Providing breakthrough insights by looking across performance measures, processes, relationships, infrastructure, and requirements
  • Helping prioritize improvement opportunities and build consensus behind the opportunities with the greatest ROI.


Tompkins’ Benchmarking Services and TSCC Membership provide unique opportunities to learn where your supply chain operations stand, and receive up-to-date industry specific information about what best practices are being employed. You’ll gain a greater ability to find out where and how you can improve your company.

For more information on participating in either of these groundbreaking industry benchmark reviews, please e-mail us. Please visit the consortium website at

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