The surge in E-commerce brings good news and bad news for retailers, consumer products and other companies – more customer orders, great for business. Overloaded, stressed operations … not great for business. If you’re struggling to keep up with online demand, it’s time to rethink your plans for order fulfillment. The strategy needed for a successful fulfillment center is not the same as for a traditional distribution center.

Watch this video on Fulfillment Centers & E-commerce to learn more about:

  • The real differences between distribution and fulfillment centers;
  • How to boost your online order fulfillment;
  • Why business strategy has to come before network structure;
  • How enhancing your packing operations can be a throttle for the entire fulfillment process; and
  • Why flexibility may be a better solution than automation at high volumes.

Achieving the right fulfillment center capabilities will put your company ahead of the competition and allow you to thrive in this new customer-driven environment.

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