The consumer market in China is hyper-competitive today. Chinese consumers are buying more, and doing so through more channels than ever before. To remain competitive, companies are urged to reconsider their Chinese supply chain structures and develop new strategies.

Companies need to clearly understand the challenges they face in China. Some top trends and issues we're seeing right now include:

  • Transportation costs and parcel providers
  • Impact of e-commerce
  • Distribution
  • Shanghai Free Trade Zone
  • Sourcing

Michael Zakkour, Principal at Tompkins International, takes a closer look at these key issues in his new Forbes column, Supply Chain Key to Success in China - Outlook 2014. Zakkour investigates why companies should recognize these issues and how they should plan for them throughout 2014.

As China plods along on its journey to an economy driven by domestic consumption, we'll continue to see its government take helpful measures to speed progress. Most importantly, we will see a greater emphasis on supply chain assessments by companies who make and sell products in China.

Has China's morphing market affected your business? Are there other top trends and/or issues to plan for that you would add to Zakkour's excellent list?


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