Does your organization utilize a transportation management system (TMS)? If it does, are you maximizing its greatest potential? Studies show that of all the companies who can make use of a TMS, only about a third actually do so.

Today's TMS options offer stronger payback than ever before, plus they can be operational in just three months or less. Whether you already use a TMS or are considering one, there's new thinking on the subject that you should add to your "must read" list. "Does Your Company Make Effective Use of a Transportation Management System?" is written by my colleague Gene Tyndall and makes a strong case for the value behind today's TMS offerings.

He also reveals seven of the most important features and functions of a successful TMS. These features are important to consider because they have the potential to not only make your operation more functional, but a lot more profitable as well.

Read the article and let me know what you think in the comments below, or tweet me @jimtompkins. I think Gene is spot-on with his thoughts, but I would love to hear your questions and thoughts.


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