Through my daily research and conversations with people from North America, Europe and Asia, I have compiled qualitative and quantitative information about what’s really going on with supply chains amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s an unscientific look at the top 10 issues facing supply chain leaders around the world today.

  1. All supply chains are disrupted, with 90% experiencing performance issues and 10% due to increased demand among grocery stores, drug stores and e-commerce.
  2. All supply chains are having trouble synchronizing supply to demand. Both supply reliability and accuracy of demand are issues.
  3. Over 90% of supply chain leaders are concerned about their own production, warehousing and/or transportation performance.
  4. Over 80% of supply chain leaders are concerned with the performance of their suppliers.
  5. Approximately 40% of supply chain leaders felt they were not well prepared for COVID-19 and wish they had done a better job planning for both internal and external disruptions.
  6. After experiencing the impacts of COVID-19, over 80% of supply chain leaders say they will improve and increase planning efforts to minimize internal and/or external disruptions.
  7. Over 90% of supply chain leaders say they are going to invest more time in supplier relationships and planning for disruptions.
  8. Over 90% of supply chain leaders have reviewed and/or enhanced health measures within their operations.
  9. Approximately 10% of companies are concerned about their suppliers’ health and are paying them early, while 20% of companies are conserving cash by paying their suppliers late.
  10. Over 80% of supply chain leaders are uncertain about the future and are apprehensive about the upcoming “new normal.”

How do you compare with this list? Check out our COVID-19 Resources to learn more about the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic or visit our newsroom to stay up to date on our latest news.

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Jim Tompkins
Jim Tompkins

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