True or false: Supply chain is an enabler of an entire organization's success.

How would you answer? If I posed this question to a group of professionals, I suspect I would get mixed responses.

Earlier this year, Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium wanted to find out the answer to this important question. Using its benchmarking and survey tools, the Consortium conducted a survey about aligning supply chain strategy with business strategy. With 172 respondents to the survey, the overall result is clear: nearly 80% of respondents believe supply chain is an enabler of business strategy.

As a result, the Consortium strongly believes that the supply chain is integral to company success and is an enabler of the entire organization. Download the report, Aligning Supply Chains with Business Strategy, to discover the reasoning behind this thinking and how companies can overcome alignment challenges in order to meet their goals.

The report also offers an international perspective. For example, respondents from North America say that their supply chains are of greater value to their companies than do respondents from the rest of the world. However, global companies' responses are higher on cost reduction, inventory, customer service, and profitability compared to North American companies.

How is your company aligning its strategies? Do you think there is a bridge between business strategies and supply chain strategies? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @jimtompkins.

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