Listen up, Apparel and Footwear executives! Below are three startling facts and three important recommendations that you need to take full advantage of  to stay competitive.

First, the 3 startling facts:

  1. Amazon is the number 1 seller of Apparel & Footwear in the US.
  2. Amazon has 11 Apparel & Footwear private label brands that are GREAT VALUES.
  3. Amazon logistics scale is so large in the US, that no Apparel & Footwear seller operating alone can be competitive. All retailers & brands must collaborate to match Amazon’s logistics efficiency  and effectiveness.

Now, 3 important recommendations for you to enhance your competitive position:

  1. Watch this video to understand how Apparel & Footwear companies can increase their logistics scale:
  2. Watch this video to understand the latest, most cost effective, unit and shipping sortation material handling solution for Apparel and Footwear and why this technology is the foundation of MonarchFx:
  3. Attend the Supply Chain Leadership Forum May 8-10th to understand how to reinvent your Supply Chain:
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Jim Tompkins
Jim Tompkins