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Raleigh, NC - Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International and MonarchFx, supply chain and retail operations strategy expert, has just released his newest thought leadership video Don’t Feed the Bears: Creating Competitive Advantage with Innovation and Disruption.  Tompkins’ continues to shape and grow the supply chain industry through innovative ideas, insight, and intelligence.

The video focuses on how you can use innovation and disruption to create competitive advantage.  Tompkins has been disrupting business since the 1970’s when he used the science of industrial engineering to disrupt warehousing and network modeling.  This has evolved to today where we use the science of the supply chain to disrupt business.  Interestingly, while we have been disrupting supply chains, the digital imperative has been disrupting business. These supply chain and digital disruptions have created the perfect storm for innovation and reinvention in today’s business world.

This video will take you through the disruption cycle and ask you to ponder on four key questions that will allow you to identify game changing opportunities in your organization for innovation and disruption.

Tompkins has also created a presentation on how to use innovation and boldness to disrupt the status quo and achieve profitable growth and value.  The presentation includes the disruption cycle graphic, explains how grasping uncertainty, speed, and reinvention will reduce friction as you travel around the disruption cycle, the characteristics of an organization that are required to empower your organizations disruption cycle journey, and examples of remarkable innovators and disruptors.

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