New Video: MonarchFx - The Healthcare Logistics Solution

It is the age of rapid delivery, and it does not stop at retail. The rise of eCommerce is affecting all industries, including the business of healthcare. Dr. Benjamin Patipa, Vice President of Healthcare strategy at MonarchFx, touches on three important healthcare industry points. First, he explains why the healthcare product supply business as we have known it has changed forever. Second, why sellers must switch to a single unified supply chain in "The New Healthcare" given the industry’s growth and increasing consumer demand for convenience and value. Finally, Patipa discusses MonarchFx’s value proposition, why MonarchFx Healthcare is the smarter healthcare logistics solution.

Registration is now open for the Supply Chain Leadership Forum 2019

The Supply Chain Leadership Forum (SCLF) planning team is in full swing for our May 6th-8th, 2019 event. Watch the 2018 Supply Chain Leadership Forum recap video to experience the SCLF vision - connecting, sharing, and learning.

SCLF 2019 will include a golf tournament, a live demonstration, my opening keynote covering material not heard anywhere else, other distinguished speakers, and much more.

For more info, please contact:
Patty Trocchio, SCLF Concierge

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