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Supply Chain Edge

Many companies today are experiencing a radical change in their distribution profiles. Retailers that built their networks to support store deliveries in case quantities—or more drastically—manufacturers that built their network to support deliveries to retail distribution centers (DCs) are now delivering directly to the consumer. While this has been good in terms of volume increases, the fact of the matter is that what used to be pallet quantities of a single item are now a handful of different items going to thousands of customers.

Unfortunately, many DCs are not equipped to deal with this massive change in order profile. As a result, many companies are increasing labor at a time when labor is already scarce and safe social distancing is a necessity.

At Tompkins, we have the experience, methodology and resources to turn this negative impact into a positive and productive business venture by developing a strategic master plan for your DC. From receiving to shipping and all relevant systems and technologies in between, we look at all aspects of your DC to develop an overall plan for future success, including:

  • Flexible designs with excellent growth potential
  • Order fulfillment efficiencies
  • Fast processing and reduced cycle times
  • Meeting peak daily volumes with scalable solutions
  • Optimal material and information flow
  • Logical and effective use of material handling and equipment methods
  • Maximization of space utilization
  • Economic justification of the overall strategy

Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your DC operations with confidence during these uncertain times.

About the Author
Tompkins Solutions Staff
Tompkins Solutions Staff