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Over the past year Tompkins International has been developing a holistic vision of warehousing operations for the future, The Connected Warehouse™, Tompkins’ warehouse IoT solution. The Connected Warehouse integrates three key elements: people, processes, and automation, to deliver efficiency and effectiveness in the warehouse environment for the Digital Age.

Tompkins International just published a new white paper, The Connected Warehouse™- IoT Delivers Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Warehouse. The focus of the white paper is to explain more about how The Connected Warehouse is the digitization of the profession of Industrial Engineering, bringing the work of Frank and Lilian Gilbreth up to date and to achieve the goals of their original work. Through the power of SensorThink ™, The Connected Warehouse provides rich analytics, thus improving employee morale, reduced turnover, reducing errors in receiving, picking and shipping. This improves your customer satisfaction and in the end reduces logistics operations. Be sure to read the new white paper to learn about how Tompkins International is on the leading edge of turning these digital disruptions into opportunities for continuous improvement, transformation, and reinvention of your logistics’ operations.

Be sure to download your copy today and share your thoughts with me!

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