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Time is running out for you to reserve your spot at the 2019 Tompkins Supply Chain Leadership Forum. As usual, we have a great lineup of speakers for the 2019 SCLF. I will be delivering the opening keynote address titled: Anti-Brittle: Succeeding and Flourishing in these Uncertain Times. 

Many organizations are not comfortable in dealing with uncertainty and so they continue to develop strategies, structures, and solutions according to a theoretical view of Steady State. The reality is Steady State is an obsolete concept that vanished at the beginning of the digital revolution.  The Steady State concept does not work because it is brittle and unable to deal with the shifting sands of uncertainty. Now comes a new way to think about and develop anti-brittle strategies, structures, and solutions that allow organizations to evolve despite the never-ending uncertainties; achieve tremendous success, profitability, and growth while maneuvering through a high level of turbulence.  My keynote will help you to:

  1. Understand anti-brittle
  2. Grasp the principles of Anti-Brittle solutions
  3. Enable you to provide your company Anti-Brittle solutions
  4. Guide you on the reinvention journey of creating an Anti-Brittle supply chain

Chris Sultemeier, EVP Logistics of Walmart (Retired) will be delivering the closing keynote address, Changing the Nature of Retail Supply Chains,  at the 2019 Tompkins Supply Chain Leadership Forum.

You don’t want to miss the great lineup of speakers at the 2019 SCLF! Be sure to register with Patty Trocchio today.


James A. Tompkins, PhD.

James A. Tompkins, Ph.D.
CEO, Tompkins International

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