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A month ago I released the video Supply Chain Revolutions: How To Respond To Digital Disruptions, which has already been viewed by more than 15,000 people.  Many executives have contacted me asking, “What is the best way to begin their organization’s digital journey?”  Throughout the video I discuss the overall philosophy of how to pursue one’s digital journey through STRATEGY-STRUCTURE-IMPLEMENTATION and further describe the approach of:

  1. Current State Assessment
  2. Future State Design
  3. Future State Implementation

I believe the below question I ask in the video answers, “What is the best way to begin an organization’s digital journey?” 

What is your company’s competence regarding the top 11 digital disruptions?


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Payment
  • eCommerce
  • End-to-End Visibility
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobile (mCommerce)
  • Social Interaction
  • Uni-channel


Fortunately, to me this is very clear, but I have been doing Current State Assessments for many years.  In order to be more clear, the overall mindset while doing an assessment should be to answer the question, “What are the capabilities we should add that will bring value to our customers?”  If you can answer this question you will enhance your value proposition and stimulate profitable growth. Interestingly, many executives get this part but do not connect this to the above question.  I would like to provide input here by explaining the approach I take:

1. For each of the top 11 digital disruptions presented, who in your organization is the most qualified person to assess your competence?  This should include a well rounded team of staff from many divisions such as, Marketing, Supply Chain, HR, Finance, and IT, to name a few.  Ask each of these people the following questions:

    • How does this digital disruption apply to your organization?
    • What would be the cost of pursuing this digital disruption?
    • What is the customer value of pursuing this digital disruption?
    • What are the costs and benefits of pursuing this digital disruption?

2. Have the appropriate person in your organization for each of the top 11 digital disruptions create a short document explaining the digital disruption and the value of pursuing the digital disruption.

3. Conduct a workshop to prioritize the top 11 digital disruptions.

4. Select a team to craft the top 11 digital disruptions into a Future State Design.

5. Once the Future State Design is complete develop the roadmap and the plan for change management to drive a Future State Implementation.

If you are still uncertain of the process please send me an email directly.  It is important this is done correctly because not only will this benefit your customers, there are also significant internal benefits that create corporate value as well. 

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