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3rd Quarter Asia Supply Chain Excellence Newsletter: Key Stores On China’s Horizon

“After a brief respite, China is going to dominate the news cycles this fall,” stated by Tompkins’ own Michael Zakkour, Vice President and China/Asia Practice Leader, in his latest Forbes column.

Key Stories On China's Horizon: Apple, Alibaba, Minions And Xi is a guide to the China stories worth following as the air gets crisp. The iPhone, Alibaba, The Minions, and President Xi’s state visit will all be trending news topics that Zakkour states are worth keeping our eye on. Michael has more than 18 years of experience in international market strategy and consulting, primarily in China and Asia with additional experience in Europe and the Middle East. Michael is a monthly contributor to Forbes, as well as other media outlets, HB, CNBC, and Beijing Review, just to name a few. Michael, would love to hear your thoughts on his latest column and discuss these topics and their possible impact on you. You may reach him via email at

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