Twila True

In 2012, Twila and Alan True co-founded True Family Enterprises, a conglomerate of operating companies with a focus on four sectors: Finance, Real Estate, Health & Beauty and Food & Beverage. Six years later, the husband and wife team developed a transformative business model combining the power of new retail, unique brands and top influencers. Twila True Collaborations partners with influential talents to create and deliver native brands and trendsetting products via its robust e-commerce platform. The company’s ecosystem provides a true end-to-end solution, from product concept and development to marketing and distribution.

Twila True Collaborations’ digital marketplace, RivalWorld, is home to more than 35 celebrity, influencer and indie brands selling original products in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, pets and home categories. Honey Minx by Nicole Richie, Jordin Sparks Signature Collection, BX Glow by Evelyn Lozada and Krupaws by Joanna Krupa are just a handful of brands currently available on RivalWorld, which creates and leverages content across traditional, digital and social media platforms to amplify its selling power.

Refining logistics with full-service fulfillment

Twila True

As a startup company launching just months before the peak holiday season, it was imperative for Twila True Collaborations to implement a fast and flawless fulfillment solution. At the time, the company’s then current third-party logistics (3PL) providers were operating on a limited technology platform that offered little visibility into inventory, order status and shipment tracking.

Furthermore, Twila True Collaborations was experiencing a number of challenges with shipping accuracy and speed, resulting in a failure to meet the company’s high operational and customer service requirements.

This combination of events prompted the brand incubator to seek a new partner that was capable of rapidly deploying a seamless logistics solution. Several potential candidates were explored, but when Alan True met fellow thought leader Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International, the two had an instant connection that ultimately led to a partnership with Tompkins Fulfillment Services (Tompkins), formerly MonarchFx.

Twila True

“During our discussions with Jim Tompkins and the Tompkins team, it became evident that our extremely aggressive timeline would be nearly impossible for most partners to execute properly,” said True. “Jim understood this and assured us that the Tompkins infrastructure could execute the launch within our tight timeframe, and true to his word, we were up and running in less than 40 days.”

Collaborating for supply chain success

Despite the limited data available with the startup, the Tompkins team worked closely with Twila True Collaborations to plan supply chain resources and develop a sales, inventory and operational forecast. Tompkins designed and implemented an integrated solution comprised of supply chain analytics, operations, systems and engineering.

The development and construction of the solution included the following elements:

  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Network Design & Facility Configuration
  • Systems Development & Deployment
  • Upgraded Customer Experience
  • Inventory Management & Leverage
Twila True

Within just over a month, Tompkins and Twila True Collaborations deployed a fully operational logistics solution, from product sourcing to consumer home delivery. Twila True Collaborations’ three legacy 3PL operations were consolidated into a single automated solution at Tompkins’ Chino, California facility. During this time, the two organizations collaborated to implement a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and warehouse management system (WMS). Simultaneously, merchandise was sourced and delivered, and a complete unit level physical inventory was established.

As an online platform of unique, trendsetting products, it was imperative to stay true to the influencers’ creative brands. Tompkins delivered a wide array of value-added services to meet the influencers’ individual requirements, including custom packing alternatives such as special gift wrapping, branded boxes and personalized thank you cards. Tompkins’ superior quality control and inspection processes ensure that merchandise retains the highest quality standards when it arrives in the customers’ hands.

“In an influencer driven e-commerce environment, priorities can change by the hour,” said Bella Mao, SVP of Twila True Collaborations. “Therefore, our business model must be supported by an agile supply chain partner. The experience, flexibility and expertise of the Tompkins team has enabled our organization to focus on our core business with the assurance that our supply chain can support all service and customer requirements.”

A truly winning solution for long-term success

In addition to delivering a rapid, cost-effective fulfillment solution in time for the holiday season, the Tompkins team consistently executes best-in-class KPIs and metrics, with same-day fulfillment for nearly 98 percent of orders and inventory and shipping accuracies of 99.9 percent. In less than one year, Twila True Collaborations nearly tripled the number of influencers and total inventory units on-hand.

Unlike a traditional 3PL or standalone carrier, Tompkins created a scalable solution capable of not only supporting the brand launch but also Twila True Collaborations’ long-term strategy.

“Tompkins provides rapid plug and play capabilities at its five high-tech fulfillment centers across North America, delivering to more than 95 percent of the U.S. population in two days or less,” said Bruce Tompkins, President of Tompkins Fulfillment Services. “As Twila True Collaborations’ business continues to evolve, it can expand into our network of facilities across the country to meet all of its customer and operational needs.”


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