As a rising leader in the e-commerce industry, this company was in critical need of a comprehensive network analysis and distribution plan in order to keep up with its surging demand.

As one of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce companies, this business focuses on everyday design across all price points and all verticals. After launching in June 2011, its success has skyrocketed,  with more than 10 million members in its first 18 months.


The company was experiencing rapid growth in both volume and stock-keeping unit (SKU) count and recognized a need for additional distribution capacity. However, it had very little historical data to  aid in projecting future requirements. The company had also developed its own warehouse management system (WMS), which required continuous revisions and updates to meet rapidly evolving  operational requirements.

Tompkins International's Role
  • Conducted North American strategic network analysis and developed a requirement road map to handle the anticipated growth over a ten (10) year planning horizon.
  • Developed a migration and implementation plan to move from outsourced to self-distribution.
  • Developed facility plan, budget and cost justification of all material handling systems and managed implementation of company’s first fulfillment center.
  • Conducted both site selection and developer selection for a the next planned fulfillment center.
  • Conducted European strategic network analysis and developed road map for implementation of its first European fulfillment center.
  • Conducted final site selection and managed implementation and start-up of the European fulfillment center.
The Results

The company developed and implemented a plan for self-distribution within an extremely short period to achieve the network and facility design, as well as full implementation, of the North American and European operations.

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Tompkins International Staff
Tompkins International Staff