As Tompkins International has grown, its service lines and solutions have expanded.  These are expected to continue to evolve as the market and our clients’ needs change and opportunities are presented.

While “Your supply chain. The right way” continues to serve as our overall mantra – our brand stands for improving our clients’ supply chains in the way that is right for them – our ecosystem reflects four categories of services and solutions that distinguish us from other professional service firms. These are defined as follows:

  • Strategy

    Strategy is delivered as an operations improvement. Client companies have a business strategy; however, often what is missing or inadequate are the strategies for execution that align with, or enable, the business strategies to be achieved. Tompkins provides and facilitates the right operations strategies for each client.

  • Technology

    Technologies today have evolved to paramount importance – not just for productivity gains, but also for business intelligence, optimizations and equipment performance. Both information technologies and machine technologies are covered in this category, along with business cases for smart investments. Tompkins works closely with client management to determine technology architectures, investments, roadmaps and implementations.

  • Logistics

    Logistics are at the heart of supply chains. Along with the flow of information, cash and work, the flows of products and materials are the basis of operating costs and margins. Innovations in logistics management start with network designs and involve wherever products and materials are bought, moved, distributed and sold. Tompkins has a 40+-year history of improving logistics for hundreds of clients – from origin to destination or consumption.

  • Commerce

    Commerce has become essential with the advent of digital management and operations. The internet has opened an entire new world for selling goods. It has also required new ways of thinking about the integration of supply chains with the customer journey, which constitutes the new end-to-end digital commerce supply chain. Tompkins brings new thought leadership and solutions for client companies to modernize their commerce operations, whether for e-commerce or traditional business.

These four elements of the Tompkins ecosystem will be further described in an upcoming series of articles. Each element is thoroughly considered when Tompkins engages with a client to improve its supply chains and digital commerce. The benefits and value creation are enhanced by the smart application of the components of these four elements.

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Tompkins International Staff
Tompkins International Staff