We help industrial distributors improve margins and grow by adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace. Increasingly, traditional distributors are embracing eCommerce in order to provide their customers with competitive prices, great service, broad product selection and training/support.

Why is Tompkins Unique?

Tompkins understands the key role that distributors play for industrial companies that need wide product availability and short lead times (including same-day-delivery). Whether operating a single manufacturing site or operating on a global scale with extended supply chains, distributors are vital partners in managing costs and reliability.

Our expertise and broad experience creates a competitive advantage for distributors by building visibility and flexibility into your supply chains, while improving on the availability of the right product, at the right place, at the right time.

Meeting Your Challenges

We can help you address challenges such as:

  • Consolidation – The trend of industrial distributor consolidation is expected to continue; therefore, the need for integration of the consolidated supply chains to provide cost efficient, customer-effective service is an even larger requirement for success.
  • Improving Margins – Whether driven by increasing profit goals, competition, or the need to compensate for lower margin products and services, finding ways to enhance margins through reduced distribution costs remains essential. For steps to find and execute new solutions, review approaches to assessing and defining solutions, look to your DC operations, transportation, and inventory operations.
  • Changing Competitive Landscape – Giant eCommerce players entering the industrial supply space are transforming the industry, and will continue to do so. Tompkins will work with you to conquer this challenge by understanding the key tipping points and actions that are necessary to compete and win.

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