The Energy and Resources Industry continues to develop in the midst of extraordinary change, spurred by growth in exploration & production (E&P) and alternative energy sources, as well as regulatory constraints and a focus on sustainability. The U.S. domestic growth, restructuring, deregulation, and corporate consolidations are changing both upstream and strategies and operations. Therefore, the opportunities for supply chain improvements are bringing heightened value creation.

Why Tompkins Is Unique

New and higher value impacts of supply chains—both upstream and downstream—are being recognized more than ever by industry leaders. The full end-to-end services and solutions provided by Tompkins International are delivering value in several ways:

  • Reducing costs of servicing oil and gas drilling sites (upstream).
  • Reducing costs of servicing retail and wholesale operations (downstream).
  • Executing on-time availability of all materials and products when needed.
  • Reducing working capital investments in overstocking of inventories, and increasing fixed asset value in equipment and processes.
  • Facilitating the determination of operations strategies that define needed capabilities
  • Defining new and higher productivity business processes.
  • Improving the integration of logistics with other operational and planning processes.
  • Defining business requirements for selecting and implementing supply chain technologies.
  • Customizing and leading the right change management program and change agenda.
  • Identifying the right benchmarks and operating metrics that determine the true best-in-class performers.

Tompkins has substantial knowledge and experience in supply chains across all industries. We leverage cross-industry best practices to provide companies with the right solution to meet their unique needs.

Meeting Your Challenges

The Energy and Resources Industry faces many challenges today. The E&P upstream side must create materials for products needed for the retail and wholesale downstream channels, and do so with operational efficiencies that permit profitable growth.

New drilling sites, and types such as Shale Gas, bring new supply chain challenges that require new thinking and innovation. Plus, new retail and wholesale channels, including eCommerce and fulfillment, are challenging the legacy processes, practices, and technologies at an unprecedented rate of change.

Tompkins International knows these challenges, and boasts the services and solutions that enable energy and resource industry managers to meet them cost-effectively. While the specialized needs of industry supply chain and logistics managers are different, the solutions that other industries have found most beneficial are adaptable. Because we exclusively focus on supply chains, our experts have the requisite skills and experience to lead companies from operations strategies to infrastructure to planning to execution.

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