Tompkins’ clients in the Automotive Aftermarket industry operate in an increasingly competitive environment, where maximizing supply chain efficiency is critical to a successful business strategy.  Their operational models typically fall into one or more of the following distinct categories:

Retail Parts Suppliers and Stores

In addition to needing an efficient distribution strategy and a successful customer-facing presence, these companies’ retail stores generally also serve as same-day parts suppliers to repair centers.  Their ability to have a wide range of parts and products on-hand (or within a 24 hour delivery window from regional distribution centers) drives profitability and customer loyalty.

Parts Wholesalers

These businesses have limited retail and serve primarily as suppliers for repair centers, fleet operators, and large-scale heavy industry.  Many are experiencing (or preparing for) increased growth in B2B eCommerce operations.  Defining the balance between customer and consumer-centric in pricing and service across OEM and after-market parts drives critical infrastructure decisions for location, inventory levels, and inventory positioning.

Aftermarket Parts Manufacturers

Material sourcing, internal stock coordination, assembly process efficiency, quality control, and effective regional and super-regional distribution are among aftermarket manufacturers’ top priorities.  Not unlike wholesalers, many are experiencing a need for better integration with respect to digital supply chain management, including eCommerce operations.  These manufacturers must determine the right balance of supply to the wholesale and retail markets against considerations of brand integrity.  Additionally, maintaining the right pricing structure with direct B2B and B2C channels can influence decision making regarding infrastructure and market/brand positioning.

With our unique insight into these distinct operational models and depth of expertise in both strategy and systems integration, Tompkins is able to develop and implement comprehensive supply chain solutions for Automotive Aftermarket clients.



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