Engineering Internship Programs

Tompkins seeks to hire and retain students who are bright, hardworking, and motivated to become tomorrow’s in-demand problem solvers and true leaders in their fields.  We offer an environment where students with these qualities can thrive.  At Tompkins, you will be able to develop skills and get hands-on experience working with some of the best minds in the Supply Chain industry.

Interns are an immensely important part of our team, and our internship program can be a path to full-time employment.  Whether you sign on for a summer internship or a co-op during the academic years, you will work on projects critical to our company’s mission, and gain unique insights into our process and those who lead it.

What Types of Internships are Available?

We have many engineering opportunities for students majoring in electrical, industrial, mechanical or software engineering. 


In electrical engineering, you’ll be part of the team that develops detailed engineering drawings, specifications, and documentation that defines the electrical and control elements of material handling, warehouse and process operations. 

Industrial/ Mechanical

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering is an ideal fit for students looking to provide data analysis, layout and design support, supply chain strategic planning and implementation support to project teams. The consulting team provides solutions to complex supply chain issues while recognizing operational and logistical inadequacies.

Software Development

Our interns will participate in the design, integration, testing and commissioning of software systems for the warehouse and distribution environment.  Exposure may include Warehouse IoT, data management, material handling control systems, UI/UX, interface design, and robotic systems.

How do I Apply?

As a Tompkins engineering intern, you’ll have real responsibility.  If you are interested in applying to an internship in Raleigh, NC or Orlando, FL, please email us your resume at We look forward to hearing from you!