Transportation Management

Transportation Management

Transportation is often a company’s most over-looked and under-scrutinized cost area. Year after year, surveys show that transportation is by far the biggest segment of overall logistics costs.

On average, companies spend 10 percent of their budgets on logistics, and transportation, at six percent of most budgets, is by far the largest component of logistics costs.

Companies simply must attack what is arguably the greatest potential area for savings.

Today’s shippers face more cost and service pressures than ever before. Rising record fuel costs, tight carrier capacity, new hours of service rules and a customer base that continues to consolidate and demand more challenging “perfect order” fulfillment service levels as a starting point mean there has never been a more critical time to focus on best-in-class performance in your transportation operations.

Transportation Solutions

A dollar saved in transportation costs falls directly to the bottom line. Accurate, timely information about shipments allows companies to better manage costs and improve efficiency, while infrastructure improvements that utilize the strengths of each mode reduce gridlock.

A combined investment in technology, process and infrastructure will allow companies to reach their true potential while enhancing performance.

Understanding Transportation

At Tompkins, we use proven analytical tools and industry expertise to help you optimize your transportation operations and add value to your bottom line.

Our capabilities include the following strategic transportation initiatives:

  • Network Optimization
  • TMS Selection and Implementation
  • Transportation strategy development
  • Freight Bids—Inbound, Outbound, Lane and Spot Bids
  • Outsourcing—Services and Strategies
  • Inbound Freight Optimization (Conversion from Pre-Paid to Collect)
  • Best Practice Gap Analysis and Implementation
  • Private Fleet Rationalization
  • Transportation Modeling
  • Transportation Assessment

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Client Success Story

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Client Success Story

Home Construction Industry Manufacturer Conducts Transportation Assessment

A manufacturer in the home construction industry was moving toward a job-specific product sales and delivery model. In order to best implement the new program, it needed to identify savings, assess processes and technology in use, and develop a plan for nationalizing the new model.

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