Growth Strategy

Strategic Market Planning


Strategic Market Planning focuses on the critical management areas affecting a company’s long-term growth strategy. Before a growth strategy engagement, Tompkins facilitates a management discussion to flush out a focus for the team, including answering questions such as:

  • Is your strategy for growth well defined and supported by a robust process?
  • Is there management consensus around your growth vision?
  • Do you have a specific understanding of where incremental growth will come from?
  • Do you have a long-term view of your industry’s direction, opportunities and threats?
  • Can you reach your growth goal organically, or is acquisition necessary?
  • Do you have a deep understanding of your competition and relative market position?
  • What is the importance of international expansion to your growth agenda?
  • How do you develop “blue ocean” opportunities?
  • Is your growth strategy aligned with available capital and organizational resources?
  • Are you aware of opportunities for disruptive strategies?

Through roundtable discussions, we help you develop an opportunity mapping process and develop a research plan. Effective growth planning identifies addressable opportunities which leverage your company’s strengths and assets.

More on Growth Strategy


Amazon E-Commerce Reign Pushes Retailers to Step Up

Customers expect free returns, loyalty programs, video channel merchandising and in-store pickup, and retailers must respond to Amazon’s innovations in customer satisfaction.

Client Success Story

Rapid Growth Requires Additional Distribution Capacity

A distribution network analysis helped this rapidly growing retailer achieve immediate and long-term storage goals, expand facilities and increase throughput capacity.


Food & Beverage Manufacturers, Retailers Seek New Ways to Drive Growth

Some food and beverage manufacturers are seeking new product packaging, line extensions, and pricing and promotions to win over customers, but will it be enough? See what new ways these companies are improving their sales.

White Paper

Supply Chain Priorities for the High-Tech Industry: Top Seven Success Factors for Value Creation

Tompkins International has teamed with One Network to develop the top seven priorities that leading high‐tech companies adopt as their improvement agendas. This paper is a jointly produced guide for all high‐tech managers who want to follow the right path, using the right solutions, to achieve high‐performing supply chains. The goal of reaching “optimum supply chain operations” — and therefore high‐performing business results — is achievable.

Client Success Story

Growth Strategy in Auto Accessories

Client Overview Client is a global vehicle maker with active vehicles sales In China. The Challenge Based on aggressive growth in new vehicle sales, client management was considering a more aggressive strategy to develop a broad product portfolio for accessories. To determine the viability and direction of this strategy, management needed a much deeper knowledge…

Client Success Story

Logistics Service Provider Strategic Market Planning

A Canadian LSP interested in expanding into the US and new industries needed an impartial list of merger and acquisition target companies, while remaining anonymous.

Client Success Story

Strategic Market Planning

Based on prioritized actions and the market growth plan, the transportation services provider anticipates a 20 percent year-over-year growth for five years.

Client Success Story

Distribution Network Services Provider

A revenue goal, five-year growth plan, and performance measures were identified for each targeted industry sector.

Client Success Story

International Logistics

A full business plan was established for the client to acquire a logistics provider in China and set up all necessary resources and infrastructure.

Client Success Story

China Entry Strategy in Auto Retailing

Client is a leading automotive parts retailer and wholesaler with a strong position in North America and an appetite for long-term growth.

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