Distribution Assessment & Strategy

Tompkins International provides the right path to market using the appropriate organizational and process support to develop an effective distribution strategy.

Key services include:

  • Audit the effectiveness of your current distribution system/processes and distributors.
  • Benchmark against competition to identify areas of advantage/disadvantage.
  • Determine alternative strategies and tactics to create competitive differentiation/advantage.
  • Identify and qualify attractive distributors for consideration.

Distribution Assessment

A distribution assessment involves a combination of internal and external market research and will analyze the impact of key variables:

  • Route to market
  • Description of value chain players and roles
  • Markups along the chain
  • Logistical flow and key issues
  • Major distributors/specifiers in the market
  • Promotional and service support requirements
  • Channel dynamics-risks and opportunities


More on Distribution Assessment & Strategy

Client Success Story

DC Analysis, Design Enhancements, and Warehouse System Implementation

Cosmetic Product Company Conducts Analysis of Its DC to Consolidate Operations

Client Success Story

Reducing Supply Chain Costs through Distribution Network Assessment

Despite expansion and growth, a provider of full-service component meal systems was facing uncertain future sales. The company was seeking to assess its distribution network and reduce overall supply chain costs.


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Distribution Center Retrofit Design

One of the largest apparel manufacturers in the United States needed room to grow, as its distribution centers were quickly becoming maxed out.

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Distribution Network Evaluation

A major cooperative wholesale distributor needed to improve its network and evaluate the effects of planned changes in the future.

Client Success Story

Flexible, Scalable Cold Chain Network Design

A new, more efficient cold chain distribution strategy helped a large retail chain in Latin America adapt to market needs and support the execution of an aggressive product development process.


Three Big Reasons to Invest in DC Technology

We all know that technology in distribution and fulfillment centers helps our operations run more smoothly. But what factors do company leaders really consider when they make that final decision to add or upgrade technology? According to a recent survey, the top three reasons why companies add automation to their facilities are to: Boost customer…

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Rapid Growth Requires Additional Distribution Capacity

A distribution network analysis helped this rapidly growing retailer achieve immediate and long-term storage goals, expand facilities and increase throughput capacity.

Client Success Story

Turnkey Distribution Center & Warehouse Management System Implementation

By adding a well-designed distribution center and integrating the new WMS with the Tompkins Warehouse Control System, this clothing company increased capacity more than five times and reduced labor by at least 30%.


Demand-Driven Supply Chains to the Rescue

Food and beverage retailers are facing a transformative marketplace dominated by changing consumer preferences, improved technology, and new types of competitors. Companies that understand how to adapt to this new business environment and innovate towards a more flexible, demand-driven supply chain will be the most successful. Read more about challenges and solutions in this article.

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