Strategic Market Planning

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A deep understanding of competition and your comparative strengths and weaknesses is imperative to the development of a successful growth strategy. Tompkins’ competitive analysis tools cover competitor profiling, SWOT and benchmarking. The competitive analysis involves both primary and secondary research to develop an industry snapshot.

Competitive Intelligence and SWOT

Tompkins uses a five-step benchmarking methodology which results in the identification of best practices, strategies, and performance metrics. 

Want to know how to incorporate benchmarking and best practices into your overall operations? Find out how here.

More on Strategic Market Planning

Client Success Story

Channel Strategy in MLR Parts

At this company, top management was pressing the Asia team to ramp up growth significantly over the next 5 years.

Client Success Story

Dealer Management Software

Tompkins helped this software provider pin-point why they had been unsuccessful thus far in selling to the China market.

Client Success Story

Logistics Service Provider Strategic Market Planning

A Canadian LSP interested in expanding into the US and new industries needed an impartial list of merger and acquisition target companies, while remaining anonymous.

Client Success Story

External Benchmarking and Gap Analysis

Meeting the benchmarks provided would result in annual savings estimated at $17 million for the grocery retail client.

Client Success Story

Distribution Network Services Provider

A revenue goal, five-year growth plan, and performance measures were identified for each targeted industry sector.

Client Success Story

Transportation and Distribution Network Analysis

The transportation and distribution analysis helped the global manufacturer streamline operations and significantly cut costs.

Client Success Story

New Market Entry – China

Tompkins gave the client a clear path forward through complications to market entry and clarified opportunities and needs.

Client Success Story

Asia Readiness Assessment

Tompkins led the way to establish a plan for the client’s management team to respond to current and future global market activities.

Client Success Story

International Logistics

A full business plan was established for the client to acquire a logistics provider in China and set up all necessary resources and infrastructure.

Client Success Story

Furniture Retailer Dusts off Delivery Service

The rebranded service offering led to increased customer satisfaction and decreased returns.


Five-Step Benchmarking Path to Competitive Intelligence

Tompkins uses a five-step benchmarking methodology which results in the identification of best practices, strategies, and performance metrics. See the Five-Step Benchmarking Path to Competitive Intelligence.

Client Success Story

Major Apparel Wholesaler and Retailer Benchmarking Assessment

Tompkins helped the company in its strategic planning process to benchmark distribution methods and costs as compared to its competitors.

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