Manufacturing and Production Operations

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Customer expectations for manufacturing products have changed over the last 15 years. To provide the speed and customization today’s customers require, new manufacturing and production strategies must be used in the supply chain. To achieve success and competitive advantage, all manufacturing companies must reduce costs, minimize process failures, globalize their operations, improve quality, and create efficient supply chains.

Manufacturing Solutions

Today’s aggressive business environment further demands that manufacturers lean their processes, create efficient and agile material flow, and have a culture of continuous improvement. Tompkins works with manufacturers to identify operations improvement opportunities and to put in place manufacturing best practices that meet client needs. We help manufacturers significantly improve their processes through a proven methodology:

  • Define requirements by looking at throughput and capacity, process and material flows, product characteristics and working capital
  • Identify opportunities for improvements in manufacturing methods and processes, in material handling systems and in facility layout and design
  • Evaluate opportunities for implementing operational changes by performing economic and qualitative analyses and develop implementation plan
  • Implement improvements according to a detailed plan that incorporates best practices focused on improved operational results

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Client Success Story

Home Construction Industry Manufacturer Conducts Transportation Assessment

A manufacturer in the home construction industry was moving toward a job-specific product sales and delivery model. In order to best implement the new program, it needed to identify savings, assess processes and technology in use, and develop a plan for nationalizing the new model.


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What is eProcurement’s Role for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)?

Does AmazonSupply affect the MRO market landscape? Would purchasing departments embrace an Amazon P2P solution that features Amazon as the primary supplier? A look at eprocurement in MRO markets.

Client Success Story

Flexible, Scalable Cold Chain Network Design

A new, more efficient cold chain distribution strategy helped a large retail chain in Latin America adapt to market needs and support the execution of an aggressive product development process.


AmazonSupply Challenges Industrial Distributors to Respond to Changing Customer Preferences

What is AmazonSupply’s competitive threat to the industrial & equipment market, and what other changes resulting from e-commerce will affect the market?

Client Success Story

Torrington Company: New WMS Implementation for Central DC

Tompkins was involved in the conceptualization, evaluation, and implementation phases of Torrington’s central distribution center project with the goal of better customer service and higher productivity, among other goals.

Client Success Story

Warehouse Tactical and Strategic Plans

A automotive parts manufacturer was looking for ways to condense costs and space while consolidating its processes.

Client Success Story

Distribution Network and Inventory Optimization

Client Overview Major US manufacturer and distributor of OEM products and aftermarket replacement items Over 140 US and Canadian branches The Challenge Very large distribution network in a highly competitive, very time-sensitive market Closing branches to reduce costs can easily result in a reduction in profit due to the potential for lost revenue and gross…

Client Success Story

Global Supply Chain Strategy and LSP Selection

The wholesale distributor realized savings, improved customer service and inventory control, and gained better support to local marketing agents.

Client Success Story

Network Design, DC Design and Implementation

Due to rapid growth, the candle manufacturer needed to relieve the demands of two warehouses, while improving customer satisfaction and minimizing freight and system costs.

Client Success Story

Distribution Strategy

Savings opportunities in excess of 30% of total logistics costs were identified for the international manufacturer.

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