Warehouse Control System

Material Handling

For real control of warehouse operations, you need a flexible, integrated control system to provide visibility into your warehouse operations and supply chain.

The Tompkins Warehouse Control System (TCS) integrates warehouse management systems and real-time control of all the equipment in your operations.

The TCS is an integrated system that is scalable to virtually any type of warehouse equipment or any size facility.

No matter what type of conveyor sortation, carousel or pick-to-light equipment in your warehouse, the TCS can be configured to provide real-time monitoring and control capabilities.

With TCS your system can supply a seamless flow of data between the warehouse floor level and facility, creating real-time reports on operational history, equipment status and even peak order seasons. TCS modularity allows us to apply only the control software necessary for your application.

TCS was developed by and for operations personnel. It is therefore easy to use and provides the valuable information operations supervisors and managers need.

Warehouse Control System

Use the TCS to:

  • Get more out of existing facility automation
  • Add automation or different processing lines
  • Consolidate and centralize control of process automation
  • Reduce labor requirements and associated costs
  • Increase visibility to plant floor operations
  • Provide a single interface point between automation equipment and host systems

Sorter Controls

Tompkins International has extensive experience in developing control systems for material handling sorters operating in warehouse and distribution centers.

Our services include adding controls to existing sorting systems or new sorters, without disrupting your operations.

Above: Part of the TCS graphic user interface, showing sorter controls. Features of our sorter controls include:

  • Graphical user interface: A color-coded screen shows the sorter and all discharge lanes. A multi-color stack light also facilitates communication with the user.
  • Reports: Each installation of the sorter control system includes an extensive set of reports including no-read quantity, jams by lane, sorter statistics and throughput.
  • WMS interface: The sorter control system may also include an interface to the warehouse management system to receive downloaded sort plan data and send divert confirmations.
  • Exception handling: The sorter controls automatically identify and report error conditions such as full, jams, no-reads, and unknown bar codes.

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