Material Handling Integration

Material Handling

Tompkins International’s Material Handling Integration solutions offer greater thought around real needs and balance costs with benefits, instead of simply relying on equipment. While many companies design facilities that depend heavily on conveyors and other mechanization, there are smarter design solutions that provide more productivity, throughput, and flexibility—often with less capital investment.

Effective and efficient systems within distribution and fulfillment centers are essential to every company’s profitability. In fact, the recent surge in online ordering and changing customer expectations dramatically impacts material handling in Distribution and Fulfillment Centers.

We offer the specialized knowledge and experience to facilitate affordable material handling designs at the lowest possible operating costs for short- and long-term distribution needs. Look to Tompkins for designing, implementing and supporting material handling integration within your facilities.

Our services include:

Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Systems Design: Our designs are focused on providing required capabilities, minimizing costs, and incorporating flexibility to adapt to future requirements. Our independence from any single equipment supplier—combined with our experience among all the major MHE technologies—means that we can design to the client’s needs, and not to a limited set of solutions.

Warehouse Control System (WCS): A great way to expand functionality and build flexibility into distribution operations is by leveraging a WCS. Tompkins provides a solution that is proven to enhance MHE performance and bring you the most cost-effective platform

MHE Life Cycle Support: We provide ongoing support for MHE, WCS and WMS through the life cycle of your company’s facility, equipment and operations. This includes on-site, remote and ongoing tune-up support.

Turnkey Implementation Services: Our unique approach to turnkey MHE implementations reduces the time to implement, as well as the risks for cost escalations due to changing requirements. Our expertise offers your company a more fluid and efficient transition process.

Emerging Technology Center (ETC): Our ETC focuses on providing a comprehensive supply chain solution. Find out how this working $6 million dollar, 11,000 square foot center helps you integrate people, software, and equipment to improve both your supply chain and total bottom line.

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Client Success Story

General Services Administration (GSA) Western Distribution Center

Tompkins helped GSA evaluate consolidating distribution operations into an existing warehouse requiring extensive upgrades, including fire suppression, lighting, electrical, information technology, materials handling equipment and hazardous materials storage.

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