China/Asia Pacific Practice


Tompkins International Asia consulting practice is built for a Globalization 2.0 world where businesses need to rethink, digitize, internationalize, and redeploy their make it, move it, and sell it strategies and operations to address the megatrends affecting their business. 

  1. The importance of China and Asia as a consumer market, b2b growth engine and manufacturing and supply chain hub.
  2. The emergence of Chinese consumers and eCommerce as the most transformative forces in global retail and branding in a generation.
  3. Supply chain excellence being critical to market growth, profits, and global competitiveness across all industries.

Tompkins International Asia thinks and operates in the space where Asia, eCommerce, technology and supply chains meet.

Thirty-five years ago China began its transformation from an isolated and closed society with a planned economy (among the least productive in the world) to its current position as the second largest economy in the world, home to the fastest growing consumer market on Earth and a re-emergent global power.

Tompkins International has been on the ground in China from the very beginning of the “Opening Up and Reform” movement in the 1980s, through its growth into the most important manufacturing country in the world in the 90s and 2000s and during its emergence as a consumer, services, technology, and investment driven economy today.

Tompkins International has been providing research, strategy, and implementation for multinationals, SMEs, brands, retailers, and industrial companies for 28 years and we have successfully launched and grown hundreds of companies in the Greater China market.

We are also active in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea.

Our China/Asia Pacific practice is headquartered in Shanghai’s bustling Jing ‘An district.

We have three major practice groups in China/APAC.

Market / Consumer / eCommerce Strategy:

Tompkins International China/APAC strategy practice has helped more than 300 brands, retailers, and service providers in retail, consumer products, food and beverage, technology, healthcare, automotive, and entertainment, as well as, b2b and industrial to understand the unique opportunities, challenges, and demands presented by doing business in China.

Our formula is simple, but practiced with a keen attention to nuance and detail, that can only be gleaned from vast experience: on the ground engagement; primary research and strategy before structure.

We ensure you have the right research and analysis (quantitative and qualitative) to develop the right entry or growth strategy.  We help you build the structure that will support the strategy and work hand in hand with clients on implementation.

Chinese consumers and businesses have unique motivations for making a purchase, engaging in a deal, and partnering with foreign companies.  Our initial focus on culture, language, social factors, and history are the foundations to profitable engagement with China.

Our Offerings:

  • Market, industry, consumer, b2b, demographic + competitive research, and analysis
  • Market entry strategy and implementation
  • Market expansion strategy and implementation
  • eCommerce entry and expansion strategies and implementation
  • Financial modeling
  • Rapid retail expansion
  • Branding and marketing
  • Engaging the “Global China Consumer”
  • Premium and luxury brand and retail strategy
  • Digital marketing and social media services
  • M&A due diligence/deal cultivation
  • Identification, vetting, negotiation/consummation of partnerships
  • Channel strategy
  • Global China Consumer/Global China Demographic Services
  • History, language, cultural advisement

Supply Chain and Operations:

In a Globalization 2.0 world the most successful companies are the ones who can harness the power, efficiencies, and profit driving potential of supply chain.  Tompkins International’s roots as a global supply chain and operations consulting firm serves it well in China and Asia.

China will continue to be an important hub for manufacturing but it is also becoming an increasingly important part of the global parts, components, and raw material supply chain for many companies. 

China is also developing into the most important consumer market and the largest eCommerce market in the world.  This will require companies to ensure that their supply chains in China and Asia are built for two way, tech driven, profit focused operations.

In China and Asia Tompkins International partners with clients in developing strategy, structure, and implementation in all aspects of the six Mega Processes of the supply chain – PLAN, BUY, MAKE, MOVE, DISTRIBUTE, SELL.  Our services include:

  • Supply chain assessment – “AS-IS” “TO-BE” transformation
  • Operations planning and strategy
  • Sales and Operation Planning “S&OP”
  • Network analysis and network design
  • eCommerce and eFulfillment supply chain operations
  • Distribution operations
  • 3PL management
  • Partner identification, vetting, review
  • Manufacturing, sourcing, and procurement management
  • Warehouse design and management
  • Supply chain IT
  • Distribution analysis, strategy, and implementation
  • Transportation analysis, design, and management

Supply Chain Assessment – Tompkins International uses its Global Supply Chain Assessment (G-SCAT) and benchmarking data to support the analysis of all functional areas of the supply chain in a comprehensive, methodical manner. Assessments address questions of IT systems, 3PL management, eCommerce and store operations, and supply chain organization.

Network Design – Whether designing a new network or updating an existing network, the Tompkins International methodology assures the optimal design.  We use proven modeling techniques, deep understanding of Asia logistics, and state-of-the-art software, to design for your specific supply chain objectives.

Partner Selection – Tompkins International recognizes the critical nature of having the right logistics partner in each Asia market.  We apply an analytical approach to defining operating requirements for use in the RFP.  Through a well-managed bid process and partner evaluation, our clients can be confident in the selection outcome.

Sourcing Management – Sourcing strategy, international procurement office set-up, quality management systems, factory inspection, and expert witness testimony are the services which we provide to help our clients achieve cost benefits while maintaining and improving production quality.

DC Design and Material Handling Integration

Tompkins International takes clients from the initial planning stages of a warehouse through a complete detailed design and implementation.  We use our broad experience in DC design and deep understanding of material handling technology to deliver the most appropriate solution for your specific application.

DC Operations Assessment – Utilizing our benchmarking and best practices database as well as our proven DC assessment tool, we provide recommendations and an action plan for improved operations.  The assessment can be applied to either store distribution centers or to eCommerce fulfillment centers.

Warehouse Conceptual Design – Analyzing historical and future order data, mapping processes, manpower estimates, layout, and general equipment requirements. Selecting the most efficient storage designs, material handling systems, and warehouse management systems to ensure peak operations performance.

Detailed Design – Equipment specifications for RFP’s, developing product slotting configurations for maximum material handling and storage efficiency, architectural coordination.

Material Handling Integration – Seamlessly integrating material handling equipment through system configuration and set up, acceptance testing, start-up, and implementation. Using the Tompkins Execution System (TES), we are able to integrate best-in-class equipment from multiple vendors into the solution you need.

WMS Selection and Implementation – Define functional requirements of the WMS, vendor selection, configuration, operator training, start-up, and system stabilization.

Construction Project Management – Providing total project management for facility construction and renovation, including: site selection, construction team selection, and on-site project management.

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