Supply Chain Planning — Demand, Inventory, and Replenishment Systems

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Supply Chain Planning occurs at the start, and is at the very heart, of the Plan-Buy-Make-Move-Store-Sell-Return process.

Effectively managing inventory within a supply chain from both strategic and tactical perspectives requires the right knowledge, information and tool set.

When properly used, supply chain planning systems can help organizations more accurately forecast demand, plan procurement and production, balance inventory across the supply chain and maximize revenue.

These software solutions can assist your operation in:

  • Lowering inventory costs.
  • Increasing direct to consumer fill rates and store level in-stock ratios.
  • Reducing working capital and inventory mark-downs and write-offs.
  • Increasing customer service/satisfaction levels.
  • Increasing revenue.

In order to realize the benefits of supply chain planning and management solutions, they must be designed to align with the goals of the organization, implemented and effectively integrated with other systems being used in the supply chain, and configured to meet the service levels required of the associated business units and your trading partners.

Having the right inventory in the right locations and in the right quantities can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Several key questions need to be answered in order to assess the ability of your systems to meet the objectives of the business:

What are the organization’s long-range strategic initiatives and near-term tactical plans that impact the deployment of inventory across the supply chain?

How could better use of existing functionality within the current supply chain planning systems improve operations?

Are there practical opportunities for increased or improved supplier integration for inventory visibility, performance metrics, and financial reporting?

Tompkins can help answer these questions and provide a complete set of services for your organization to select and implement the right supply chain planning solutions for your operation.

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Our services include:

  • Requirements definition, business case development, and software vendor selection
  • Data collection, analysis, configuration and setup support
  • Testing and training support
  • Project management and solution deployment assistance

Tompkins has deep knowledge and extensive experience in the following Supply Chain Planning & Management Systems:

  • Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Sales, Operations, and Inventory Planning
  • Sourcing, Procurement, and Replenishment
  • Supplier and Customer Collaboration
  • Distributed Order Management

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