Supply Chain Information Technology

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The agility and competitiveness of any supply chain depends on the systems and supply chain information technology used to plan, collaborate, monitor and execute processes.

As a total supply chain information technology solutions provider, Tompkins helps you plan, design, justify, select, configure, implement, and assess the IT solutions you need to drive your supply chain.

Our approach recognizes that supply chain systems projects cannot achieve their full potential unless operational best practices and systems integration play a leading role.

We evaluate your supply chain IT infrastructure and operational processes, determine your strategic goals and develop a total supply chain solution that makes the most of technology and best practices.

Tompkins eliminates the hype and delivers real results for enhanced supply chain performance. See a list of supply chain information technology clients.

Our services support the full spectrum of supply chain solutions, including:

As a practitioner and recognized authority in the application of supply chain information technology, Tompkins is well versed in the capabilities and potential of top tier software vendors and best practices.

Our experience covers a wide range of solution providers, from ERP vendors, to supply chain suites, to best-of-breed packages, to internally developed software.

We know how to help you get the most out of your supply chain system initiatives.

Below is our model of Information Technology Standards and Integration.

Our Supply Chain Information Technology services include:

IT Strategy Development and Assessment

  • Develop strategic roadmaps
  • Perform gap analysis
  • Identify and recommend opportunities for improvement
  • Develop and justify conceptual designs

Software Selection

  • Develop business cases and ROI analysis
  • Define requirements
  • Develop Request for Proposals, vendor demonstration scripts and evaluation matrices
  • Support vendor response analysis, selection, and negotiations

Implementation Support and Management

  • Provide full project management lifecycle services
  • Support functional and detailed design
  • Develop conversion plans
  • Provide integration services
  • Perform configuration and setup
  • Develop and execute test plans
  • Develop and execute training plans
  • Support conversion, go-live and stabilization

Operational Transition and Change Leadership

  • Develop transition, contingency, and change management plans
  • Support execution of transition and change management plans

Effectiveness Review

  • Post-go-live assessments

Get a quick look at the powerful impact demand-driven supply chains can bring to your customer satisfaction and operational value in this short video from Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International, and Greg Brady, CEO of One Network.

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